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Success Stories


Lisa Moore is possibly the most inspiring person I have ever met.
The Ship Method puts in clear and thought provoking language why we hold ourselves back and encourages changes in thought and habit . That withstanding Lisa does not pretend that any steps taken to change lifestyle are easy or always need to be big ones . In fact manageable small steps are likely to be more lifelong and steadfast .
Thank you Lisa.

– Helen

“I’ve really enjoyed having someone challenge and hold me personally to account. I’ve enjoyed the consistency and the realistic timescales to complete the tasks. I do already have self care and time to myself, my issue is more about the motivation and actually making a change around my weight loss. Even the fact that I’m obese and diabetic and the possible consequences of that doesn’t motivate me to change.

I have felt really liberated talking about it in a private community. I’m a private person and rarely talk about me.

In the future, I will be more open and honest with others, knowing that acceptance is there and people won’t judge as much as I thought they would.

Thank you so much Lisa, I’ve enjoyed this x

– Katie

‘You are such a font of knowledge. I think for me, what sets you aside from many is that you make it very relevant to each and every person and are not afraid to let thoughts hang for a bit and then gently but deliberately challenge. There’s a difference between being inspiring and being transforming. Transformation is what people want and you have the knowledge and skill to get them there. I loved being part of your 5 day challenge, thank you.’

 – Katie

‘I have loved this week. It has helped me focus, identify what isn’t working, what I need to work on and how to do some of it. I’ll probably get a bit lost along the way but I have really valued from doing this in a condensed way and with other people so there has been some pressure to get it all done. It’s been fantastic and a wonderful, eye opening opportunity. Thank you.’

– Emma

“I really enjoyed working with Lisa as a member of her group called the SHIP Method.  Lisa is a really down to earth, “say it like it is” lovely lady.  She’s a talented coach who makes the work you do in her group very personal and confidential. She stays in touch via a Facebook Group, so you don’t feel like you’re neglected at any time.  The powerful questions she uses helps you focus on the here and now and also your future goals in order to learn more about yourself; the qualities that make up your uniqueness of being you and helping you identify and work towards your goals.   The highlight for me was identifying my purpose.  It helps me to maintain my focus, my compass, as to who I am, where I’m going and therefore, what services I offer to my clients.  I highly recommend joining Lisa on her next SHIP Modules. “

– L. Biggs, West Sussex


I hope this is helpful feedback, I have enjoyed the sessions and the challenges to make me think about things, now I am focusing on one thing, and I can see that now I am starting to feel I am getting a handle of that one thing, that I might be ready to start looking at different areas!  My normal pattern of behaviour is to flit from one thing to another and not give each thing the right amount of attention, so I have stepped out of my comfort zone and held firm to concentrate on one thing. Now I can see the idea behind enjoying the journey because I am doing it and starting to see results, so now I can start widening the net and look at some other things.  Your are very supportive and encouraging and clearly know your stuff.”

– Charlotte


What can I say about Fit For Moore except that it is fantastic.  The classes are hard work, great fun and get amazing results!  Lisa and her team are genuinely concerned to make sure that everyone achieves their personal goals and gets the ultimate benefit from their work out.  Whether I’ve done an early morning small group training session or a Metabolic Effect class, I leave the studio buzzing and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.

Stef James

I Just wanted to say a big thank you to all 3 of you, Sam, Jo and yourself for a great 9 week programme.

As someone who isn’t keen on moving and is a carb addict, it’s been a miracle that I stuck to it. It was easy to stay committed as I never felt pressured or awkward. The shorter classes, gentle encouragement and your belief in me made it much more doable.

The recipes were really helpful and so e have become family favourites!

You’ll be pleased to know I’m sticking to the eating principles and this week started using your videos so I can keep it up. Helped by my fitbit xmas pressie.

The main benefit over and above the weight loss and inches lost has been a much better state of mind and ability to cope with stress levels.

Neeta Chauhan

I was put on to Fit for Moore by a friend when I was feeling pretty low after 2 very difficult years and the death of my father. Although I was regularly going to the gym and swimming, I felt as if there was no structure to what I was doing and I needed a kick start!

And that is precisely what I got! A clear and sympathetic assessment of my weight, shape, regime and lifestyle with practical steps to improve my fitness and diet. Best of all,  Lisa provided the promise of support and encouragement for me to keep going.

I have shed some weight but more importantly have changed shape to become leaner and stronger. I really do feel SO much better about myself.

The small group classes have been great. Fun, hard work, always a challenge and a source of mutual support and encouragement.

The simple guidelines for my diet have been very helpful too as, although my diet is great nutritionally, I sometimes lose the way in terms of keeping my energy levels up, so have found this incredibly helpful.

Most of all I have benefited from the need to be ‘accountable’ and also from the fact that Lisa, Jo and Sam are just so very nice!!

All three have their distinctive styles and are highly professional in their approach.
I really do enjoy classes with all of them. They all know me now and look out for what I need to do; they know my goals and weaknesses and are always very encouraging about my progress.

I have just loved being part of Fit for Moore for the last 8 months.
All in all, it has been a hugely positive and beneficial change to my life and I genuinely miss it when I am away!

Hilary Williams, Client of the Month, March 2015

I really enjoyed the help and motivation from the lovely ladies at Fit For Moore.  They are positive, supportive and motivational.  The classes are really great, particularly as they are small and personal.  Also half and hour on non stop work is very do-able.   I will be back!

Rachel Swainson - 21 Day Kickstart Client

Lisa has achieved the impossible – converted me from a fitness class hater to actually enjoying a class, circuit training and a PT session every week. It’s lasted a year so far and I’m a stone lighter too. No mean feat!


I have been training with Lisa for 8 months. I came to her to help me resolve aching knees and ankles from playing tennis. Not only has she enabled me to improve that situation, but my fitness levels overall have improved dramatically, and I am now able to run approx 8k, something which I have never before been able to do.

Lisa is always encouraging, and thoughtful about making the workout varied and fun. I am confident when training with her that I will be pushed to improve, but always within ‘safe’ boundaries. She has boundless energy, and is always smiley – making the group classes particularly sociable – I have also found a whole new group of friends through ‘FitforMoore.’

I couldn’t recommend her more- to people of all ages and levels of fitness, male and female alike.


Lisa has been my trainer for at least 16 years. She makes the business of keeping fit and supple funny and fun. Prior to knowing her I never lasted at any gym or class longer than a few weeks. Now I hate missing a session. She is a  great friend and I value her immensely.

Dr Jane Eadie (retired GP)

Lisa’s Saturday morning circuits are always enjoyable and hard work, she creates a good humoured and enthusiastic atmosphere. It’s pay-as -you -go so all that under-used gym sub ain’t an issue. In fact I don’t need the gym because Lisa covers it all, aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. There’s competitive activity at the end just to extract that last ounce of effort and it does.


After 20 years of no exercise and a decline in fitness and general wellbeing I decided it was finally time to do something about it and train myself back into shape. With the help of a good friend I have spent the last 18 months exercising and losing weight so that I am now the fittest I have been in the whole of my adult life.

Now that I am where I want to be it is important that I maintain this through regular and varied exercise.

Lisa’s circuit training classes were recommended to me and every Saturday morning (hangover or not) I attend. Circuit training is new to me however it is a great opportunity to push myself in a variety of disciplines alongside like-minded people. I find the classes to be fun, varied, informative and motivating. You can go at your own pace and when I want to push hard there is enough scope to have a really strenuous work out.

I find that these classes really set me up for the weekend and fit well alongside my other exercise activities.

To be honest Lisa I cannot really think of anything you need to change. Sometimes I find it a little frustrating that others take it too easy and stop to chat (it is possible for men to do both at once – it’s not only women who can multi task) but that is their choice and it doesn’t stop me achieving what I need out of the session.

I’m enjoying it so crank up the music and push me as hard as you like! Thanks


1. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
I have tried so many diets, slimmers world did work for me however I put the weight back on again which is nothing new. I want to get fit, in the past my fitness has been good and I have been able to meet and exceed most fitness challenges with no trouble.
2. What results have you achieved since starting your program?
I have lost some weight and cm’s off my body, I am getting fitter d by day and gaining my confidence in things I thought I could not do.
3. What do you like best about our program/ having a trainer?
I like that I feel so comfortable with Lisa, she does get me so that’s good, I also like the time element, the program does fit in to my life and it can be done at home at any time so that is just perfect. I like the contact and that I am accountable to Lisa and not just me, I don’t feel like I am on my own which is the case re fitness and healthy eating in my family.
4. What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?
Its totally worth it, the personal contact, the thought that goes into the programme is for me rather than one fits all service.


The amazing Lisa Moore has changed my life, she has reached parts of me emotional that no one else has managed to find, she has found determination and belief in me that I thought I had lost.

When I first met Lisa I was this angry and self-conscious person.  I felt upset when I looked in the mirror so much so I used to get cross with anyone upstairs in the house due to having a fat moment, most overweight people know how this feels.

I would never have dreamt that I would get fit, before having children I used to be very fit, played hockey for Crawley 1st team and managing the training sessions, I gave this up when I fell pregnant with my first child.

Lisa has been with me supporting me all the way since January 2013, I had the biggest adult strop ever when I was informed I had to go out on a run, this was public humiliation to me, running in public, no thanks! But we did, we ran down a private road, its nearly killed me but Lisa kept me going, I would have given up had Lisa not been by my side.  We used various techniques like songs and times tables to keep me focused, I ran a whole mile, we finished and I cried and cried, this was huge for me, the fat mum at school had run a mile.

No going back now, the fight was back in me and she had re kindled the determination that I used to have over 12 years ago.  I am never going to skinny but what I am and will continue to be is fit and feel good about myself, that’s what has really made the difference. No more diets just eating the right food.

Little mentions of setting myself a target every time we spoke brought on a moment of madness, I set a target of a triathlon in September, 7 months to go at the time which seemed miles away! Time flew, Lisa provided me monthly training schedules with workouts that increased to test me, she showed me how to do the exercises and how to make them harder and easier if required.

I did the triathlon 3 weeks ago, a 200 metre swim, a 20K bike and a 2.5 k run, 14th in the swim out of 32, 12th in the bike and 31st in the run.  After crossing the line I felt exhilarated and exhausted,  me, Jo Herbert completing a Tri, quite unbelievable.

Chatty to chaps whilst chopping on a banana I was informed that the bike section is the hardest tri in Sussex, all downhill from here then.  I am now inspired to do Aqua bikes, which are a swim and a bike.  Found sports which I really enjoy and keep me fit.

Lisa has been so perfect for me, she understands that life can be very busy, being a mum, wife and me all in one go with running a business and keeping my 2 dogs happy. Doing my workouts at home when I want in the day and with certain sessions fitting in round my life has worked wonderfully.

So it’s the end of September now and I am ‘cm’s’ smaller, lighter, fitter, stronger and most of all happier! Thank you Lisa Moore!

Jo Herbert

I joined Lisa’s Saturday gym class as the typical unfit overweight 50 year old. I have really enjoyed the last two years, gaining fitness and flexibility and losing weight! I used to hate going to the gym, but the Saturday gym with Lisa is fun and very social and the hour seems to go by very quickly. A great way to tone up, get the heart going and keep healthy!


I started working with Lisa from Fit for Moore at the beginning of March 2013, This became a whole new chapter in my life and I can honestly say without the help and support of Lisa and staff and fellow clients I do not think I would have achieved the results I have, or even continued to work towards losing the weight I have.



Fit for Moore designs exercise programs around you and your abilities and each time just encourages you to push yourself that little bit further each time to maximise your goals without ever making it feel like a chore.

By joining in the classes you get the opportunity to meet people like yourself who have the same goals whether it is too loose weight or get fit or even both, and it never feels like we are competing with each other but the comradely in the groups helps every one towards their goals.

I honestly think that working with Fit for Moore has encouraged me to understand my body my eating habits and set goals to which I can achieve and surpass.

I am positive that if I had not become a client of Fit for Moore my body weight would be around 20 stone not nearly 15 stone which is a testament to Lisa for helping me get where I am currently.

Chris Bradford