Struggling with the Work/Life Balance?

Is this you?

Work is busy, stressful with a constant pressure to perform.

Family life is hectic and you struggle to find quality time to spend with your children, partner or even for yourself.  There’s a constant feeling of not doing enough and a huge amount of guilt.

You feel out of shape, unfit and are starting to worry about your future health.

Life is out of balance.  You wake up and go to bed tired, stressed and frustrated.

If that is you then I promise it does not have to be that way, there is a really simple solution that I can share with you.

And that is to create simple rituals and routines that bring your life back into balance in ALL areas.

With my help you will be able to give yourself permission to let go of the things that aren’t serving you.

Identify which areas are out of balance

The first step is to stop and take stock.  

Take stock of what is actually important to you and what is not.

Ambitious and want to get to the top in your career but don’t want to sacrifice your health or relationship to get there?

I can show you how you can.

Time is one thing that you never get back so spend it wisely, enjoying life, being with those you love and having fun.  

So why is it so hard?  

I guarantee you are wasting time on things that are really not that important, it’s just become part of the ‘stuff’ that you feel you ‘should‘ be doing.  

The problem?  

You believe that they are important and with my help I’ll show you how to let that go and not feel guilty in doing so.

Getting rid of all your ‘shoulds’ is life changing

We all have a ‘ should’ list possibly disguised as a ‘to-do’ list.

With each should you have a reason or believe as to why it’s important.  This belief is keeping you stuck and out of control.

If you’re not aware of what your beliefs are, you also won’t know how to change them.  

That’s where coaching comes in, my role is to challenge you on how you see something and help you change your perspective.

Changing the way you view the should list is one of the areas we work on first.

Be back in charge and back in control of your life

Would you like to feel like you are in control of your life rather than your life being in control of you?

This was a client’s story…

“Earlier this year, I recognised I needed to do more work to strengthen my personal resilience and self-confidence. I started with my Lisa just before ‘lock-down’ and together we explored personal resilience and self-confidence across all aspects of work and personal life. 

I quickly realised that over the last few years I have lost my ‘outlets’ for wind-down or stress relief. I love my work and what I do, and I love spending time with the family and throwing myself into the kids and all their activities, but by doing this, I had forgotten about ‘me’ and as a result my life was out of balance. I hadn’t been looking after or nurturing my own mental health.

Lockdown was hard for me, but the coaching I received helped make me mentally stronger and fitter than I had been for a while. I now have a better understanding of the ‘balance’ that I need and how much music and the out-doors plays a part in this. I learnt a lot about ‘me’ over and I know I am in a better place for whatever is around the corner (…I keep hearing the word menopause being mentioned…!!). But now, more than ever, I am also aware that if there is something troubling me, or I am worried about something, then talking about it and sharing it is the best thing I can do. I am only human after all!”


When you have a lot to look after and a lot to do it’s hard to know where to start.  

That’s where I come in.  I give you the time and space to see the bigger picture, to look at your life from different perspectives and to get clear about what you really do want.

I use coaching and NLP techniques to help you get there, I don’t give you answers as you’ve already got them, I just help you find them from within.

In the example above we initially started with a 3 month program, which then extended to 9 months.

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Happy Clients

Lisa Moore is possibly the most inspiring person I have ever met.

The Ship Method puts in clear and thought provoking language why we hold ourselves back and encourages changes in thought and habit . That withstanding Lisa does not pretend that any steps taken to change lifestyle are easy or always need to be big ones . In fact manageable small steps are likely to be more lifelong and steadfast .

Thank you Lisa.

Helen (SHIP Method)

First of all I wanted to say thank you to Lisa for such an amazing and well thought out course, The SHIP method.
Lisa Moore has a kind, caring and compassionate approach in wanting to help people change how they feel about themselves and approach the many challenges in life.

Olivia (SHIP Method)

I wanted to  add to what I said yesterday, not only was I blown away but also totally amazed that you could help me see & feel  what I really needed to in only an hour! You are fab & thank you again xx 

Debbie ( 1hr Breakthrough)

After doing Lisa’s amazing and free 5 Day Challenge. I went on to Sail in her SHIP program. What a difference it has made to me I found Lisa was very engaging and had a heap of knowledge, it has really changed how I look at things and how I carve time out for myself and challenging my pre conceived ideas of what I thought I believed. Difficulties I would have crumbled under before I now know how to deal with effectively. If you want to believe in yourself more, grab those deck shoes and hop aboard the SHIP.

Charlotte (SHIP Method)

I have been working with and speaking to Lisa since February 2020, I first reached out to Lisa when I left my most recent position as Managing Director of a training company. I have known Lisa for a long time yet we had not worked together professionally before.


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