Personal Training

One to One In Person. Or online!

I will provide all the equipment you need at my home studio, so just bring your water bottle and a smile and I’ll provide the rest!

Weekly or Bi-Weekly sessions are available Monday – Friday 

All sessions last 45 minutes and will be tailored to your individual needs.

( Minimum contract term is 3 months )

Lisa Moore

Each program Includes

  • Initial consultation to include a review of your goals, hopes and dreams and also why these are important to you.  
  • I look to fully understand your lifestyle and how you live each day. We’ll talk about eating habits, likes & dislikes and your relationship with food.
  • I’ll ask you about your hormonal health, your sleep patterns and your stress levels.
  • We’ll do a postural review and talk about any aches, pains and flexibility issues.
  • Where appropriate, I will also recommend home based exercises for you and can help with nutrition and anything else I feel may be helpful for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

1 x  session per week:  £225 per month ( payable in advance)
2 x sessions per week: £430 per month ( payable in advance )

Monthly Online Home Based Program

£99 per month

Ideal if you are self motivated and just looking for some advice on what to do or you need a program to help you reach a specific goal.

We can meet face to face or via Zoom once a month where I will run through your workout(s) for the month and discuss any additional support requirements ( eg. nutrition / stretching / rehabilitation / lifestyle changes).

The workouts are designed with your needs in mind, so could be 20 minutes or an hour, and will utilise equipment that you have readily available. 

You will also have access to my library of video workouts.

Happy Clients

Lisa Moore is possibly the most inspiring person I have ever met.

The Ship Method puts in clear and thought provoking language why we hold ourselves back and encourages changes in thought and habit . That withstanding Lisa does not pretend that any steps taken to change lifestyle are easy or always need to be big ones . In fact manageable small steps are likely to be more lifelong and steadfast .

Thank you Lisa.

Helen (SHIP Method)

First of all I wanted to say thank you to Lisa for such an amazing and well thought out course, The SHIP method.
Lisa Moore has a kind, caring and compassionate approach in wanting to help people change how they feel about themselves and approach the many challenges in life.

Olivia (SHIP Method)

I wanted to  add to what I said yesterday, not only was I blown away but also totally amazed that you could help me see & feel  what I really needed to in only an hour! You are fab & thank you again xx 

Debbie ( 1hr Breakthrough)

After doing Lisa’s amazing and free 5 Day Challenge. I went on to Sail in her SHIP program. What a difference it has made to me I found Lisa was very engaging and had a heap of knowledge, it has really changed how I look at things and how I carve time out for myself and challenging my pre conceived ideas of what I thought I believed. Difficulties I would have crumbled under before I now know how to deal with effectively. If you want to believe in yourself more, grab those deck shoes and hop aboard the SHIP.

Charlotte (SHIP Method)

I have been working with and speaking to Lisa since February 2020, I first reached out to Lisa when I left my most recent position as Managing Director of a training company. I have known Lisa for a long time yet we had not worked together professionally before.


Let's Have a Chat

The best way to see if I am a good fit for you is to have a conversation. I understand the first step is often the hardest and I want you to feel comfortable with how I can help.

Schedule a 15 minute call with me here and let’s talk.

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