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Lisa Moore

Our goal at Fit For Moore is to take the guess work out of how to train, what to eat and how to do this even when you don't think you have the time. We focus on YOU and your needs as we recognise that everyone is unique and one size does not fit all. We want to make sure our service allows you to become Fit For Life and also fits in to your life easily and simply.

A bit more about me, Lisa Moore – Founder of Fit For Moore.

BMF Major Series South 2011

I’ve been working full time as a Personal Trainer now for over 8 years having previously worked full time in the Corporate world.  I used to drive many miles each week, spending hours in my car, entertaining clients, going to numerous meetings and in the end getting rather chubby!  I wasn’t really great at sport at school (well team sports more specificlly) but was always pretty active enjoying swimming, riding my bike and mucking about with friends in the park and have always loved being outdoors.  I took up riding in my early twenties and had my own horse for a while but’s in an exepnsive hobby and takes up a lot of time, which when you have a family and a job is not easy to find as many of you know.

I started seriously exercising in my late teens and reaslised that it was something I enjoyed and it made me feel and look better so I took some exams and started teaching classes and inducting new members to the gym.  I always kept this going as a part time career but only once my oldest daughter was born did I have the opportunity to start up my own business and truth be told I haven’t looked back since.

As a parent I recognise how hard it is to fit in exercise into your daily routine but that is exactly what you need to do – make it part of your usual routine!

I love motivating my clients and educating them how they can change their bodies.  I believe that exercise must be challenging but always fun. If it’s not fun then you won’t keep doing it and if you don’t keep doing it then you won’t get the results.

I work with my clients in many ways but understanding them and their lifestyle is really important as this is what makes them unique.  I like to train outside if possible as this makes the session more varied and interesting plus its much nicer to be out in the fresh air than stuck in a gym.  It’s not always possible due to our wonderful British weather and some people prefer to be inside so a few clients use their own homes or we will use a local facility.  Many of my clients have been training with me for a long time but some only have a short period of time available.  Here is what Jamie Oliver (!) has to say:

I had a six-week deadline by which time I wanted to get fitter, get stronger and, most importantly, become much more self motivated when  it came to keeping fit and healthy. Lisa’s one-to-one classes achieved  all that – and more. She pushed me, she got me focused about what I  wanted to achieve, and made the whole experience genuinely enjoyable.  After six weeks people noticed a marked difference in my appearance  and, crucially, I feel much better within myself. I highly recommend  Lisa. She’s great.

J. Oliver

I started working with Lisa from Fit for Moore at the beginning of March 2013, This became a whole new chapter in my life and I can honestly say without the help and support of Lisa and staff and fellow clients I do not think I would have achieved the results I have, or even continued to work towards losing the weight I have. [caption id="attachment_3906" align="alignright" width
Chris Bradford