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We had Lamb on Sunday and I had a small amount left over so I looked in my fridge to see what else I had available and came up with this…..


Lisa’s Mediteranean Lamb! ( There was enough for 2 )

Left Over Lamb  – Cubed

Half an Aubergine – large chunks

Half a Courgette , thick slices ( or I’d better say Zucchini for my daughter as she only likes Zuchinni and would not eat a courgette!)

Handful of olives

Half an Orange Pepper ( or any colour would do I’m sure )

1 Tin of Tomatoes

3 White Mushrooms, quartered

1 Small Tin Butter beans

Dash of Tabasco

Dash of Lea Perrins

Black Pepper

Sprinkle of mixed herbs & some chopped from the garden.


I put it all in a casserole and in the oven on about 160 degrees for about an hour.  Left it to cool and had it this evening for supper with a green salad and bit of Feta Cheese sprinkled on top.  It was delicious.

Highly nutritious and very filling.  Let me know what you think ?

( Photo doesn’t do it justice I’m afraid )

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I really enjoyed the help and motivation from the lovely ladies at Fit For Moore.  They are positive, supportive and motivational.  The classes are really great, particularly as they are small and personal.  Also half and hour on non stop work is very do-able.   I will be back!
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