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Can You Imagine Living On The Streets?

Earlier this year I traveled down to Brighton to do an interview with Radio Reverb. On my way in I passed a homeless man, I literally put my head down and walked on by. When I came out from the Interview, I spotted him again and realised everyone else was doing what ‘d just done.…

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December 13, 2018

For International Women’s Day I wanted to share My Story

Although my home page gives a bit of information about me I thought it was time to share my full story. I am Lisa Moore, the founder of Fit For Moore, a private Health and Fitness studio in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. We help ladies (& some gentlemen!) to get into shape, regain their confidence,…

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March 8, 2016


Research has shown that the amount of calories burned during a normal day are split into different energy systems. We use Calories to breath, generate heat and to run our internal systems. We use Calories to eat and digest food. We use Calories when we exercise and….. We use calories when we MOVE whether this be fidgeting, putting the…

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October 28, 2015

It’s Fun Run Time again……!

Join us for the Horsted Keynes Fun Run It’s that time of year again when the Horsted Keynes Annual Village Fun Run takes place on Friday 19th June starting at 5.30pm. The event, sponsored by Fit For Moore, includes this year the option to ‘walk’ the route. The walkers will go off first and there…

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May 15, 2015

Haywards Heath Town Day

We had a great day On Saturday in Victoria Park, Haywards Heath promoting Fit For Moore and our 21 Day Kick start Program which starts on Monday 29th September.  ( If you’ve not signed up yet but are interested you need to hurry as nearly all spaces are filled so go to: to show…

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September 15, 2014

Health Checks at Fluid Design

This week I had the privilege of going into one of my clients businesses in Forest Row for the day to carry out a health check and fitness test on all his staff. Why?  Well Chris’s company are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and so he has challenged his staff to compete in a…

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August 4, 2014

Horsted Keynes Fun Run 2014

Horsted Keynes Fun Run – June 20th 2014 Amazingly we had brilliant weather again for this year’s annual Fun Run event in Horsted Keynes and it certainly bought out the families in the village and surrounding areas. The event took place on the Recreation ground this year ( we were a bit worried about children…

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June 30, 2014

Ramp Up The Red Week

We had a brilliant ‘ Ramp Up the Red ‘ Week last week in Haywards Heath and also at our Community Classes in Horsted Keynes and a big THANK YOU to all our clients who donated to The British Heart Foundation. Here are the photo’s

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February 17, 2014

First Timer needs your help to raise money for The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Jo Herbert started training with Fit For Moore back in January this year and initially wanted to just get fitter and lose some weight, the thought of training for a Triathlon?  Well that had never entered her mind! As Jo and Fit For Moore worked together it became clear that having a goal was a…

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August 22, 2013

Horsted Keynes Fun Run 2013 Results

After the usual worries about the weather conditions the sun shone down on the Horsted Keynes annual fun run on the evening of Friday 21st June. The event is organised annually by the PTA to raise funds for St Giles Primary School and this year I was proud to sponsor the event. There are 4…

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July 24, 2013
I started working with Lisa from Fit for Moore at the beginning of March 2013, This became a whole new chapter in my life and I can honestly say without the help and support of Lisa and staff and fellow clients I do not think I would have achieved the results I have, or even continued to work towards losing the weight I have. [caption id="attachment_3906" align="alignright" width
Chris Bradford