Would you walk over Hot Coals?

Fire Walk 2019

Would you walk on Hot Coals?

Would I?

Well, Yes Actually I would and I did this Saturday at the Fire Up 2019 Seminar for Entrepreneurs.

Maybe you are asking the question…WHY would you walk on Hot Coals, are you CRAZY woman?

It’s simple really.

It’s about putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, of facing your fear, of taking a risk and showing yourself exactly what you’re capable of.

You Breakthrough those barriers all at the same time!

Just 12ft of glowing hot coals at about roughly 1000 degrees. Phew.

Even going to the event was stepping out of my comfort zone as I went on my own. This wasn’t a Fitness industry seminar where I’d be in an environment where we all had a similar interest and knowledge or Toastmasters where I’d completely know what to expect.

It was very different.

This was full of young (!) people who are determined to work for themselves, not for someone else and who want a different kind of life.

So, at the end of the day, 300 of us walked over hot coals and I can honestly say I did not feel a thing. No heat, no warmth, nothing. Incredible and all the way home I wanted to tell people – guess what I just did?!!!

Back to the reality of life now on a Monday, my youngest is poorly again and so the juggling continues but I feel very positive and motivated and am really excited by all the new opportunities that have recently come my way ( watch this space ).

Plus I have my Fear Less and Achieve More workshop to look forward to this Friday. I promise I won’t make you walk over Hot Coals but I do certainly promise you a breakthrough or two!!

If you’re ready to take action, to step up and grab freedom with both hands then there is still time to book your place.