What’s more important than your health?

The number one reason that I hear for people not starting their fitness regime is that they don’t have the time.  In reality none of us have time, we’re all running around like mad people trying to juggle work, families, friends and trying desperately to fit some fun into that mix somewhere.   BUT there are people out there who do exercise, they walk, they run, they cycle, they join a class yet they’re just as busy as the rest of you…. so what’s different??

” If it’s important to you then you will find a way, if it’s not then you’ll find an excuse”.

So today you might feel great, you might feel energized and strong but if you don’t look after your health today then how are you going to feel tomorrow or next year?


What are you going to do when you are told your blood pressure and cholesterol are too high?


I meet a lot of people who say they want to do something about the extra pounds that they’re carrying, they want to tone up, they want to stop feeling ‘ fat , unfit and fed-up’  BUT they just haven’t got the time.

You do have got the time you just need to make the decision that this is important to you.

You have to commit to do something.

You have to take control of the situation.

Make small changes – walk a bit more each day, turn you phone off by 8pm and go to be early instead of staying up to watch TV.

Drink more water or Drink less coffee!

Add one extra vegetable onto your dinner plate.

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