What do Marriage and having a Personal Trainer have in common?

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Marriage is a relationship built on certain elements and to make things work there are certain things which MUST be in place to make this it work and to last.  Any relationship needs these things to make it work so when you find a Fitness Trainer think about the following….


When you decide to change your life and focus on your health and fitness you want to find someone who you trust. Someone you know has your best interests at heart, who listens to you and understands you.


You want to find someone who respects what else you have going on in your life, who will work out the best program that will fit in your life. Sure, they might suggest you make changes such as getting to bed earlier or taking time out to rest and these changes might be hard for you but they will be suggested for a reason.


There has to be a partnership, a promise or pact between the 2 parties. If one party is only giving 50% and the other 100% it wont’ work.


When the going get’s tough…and it will…the Personal Trainer is there to listen, to advise, to motivate, to support and most important keep you accountable.



We all grow and change as people, our goals will change and I’ve seen clients start out just wanting to lose weight and then 2 years later suddenly find themselves wanting to run a marathon or get involved in Triathlons. A great trainer is able to adapt the exercise program and nutrition to suit the new goals.


Support and Motivation:

Things will happen that will throw you off track, a great trainer will support you through the tough times and motivate you to keep going.


It’s probably unlikely that you will marry your Personal Trainer (although it has been known!) and maybe you won’t work with them for 50 years (that said a few of my clients have been with me over 20 years!), when you find the right trainers who do all of the above you will form a great relationship and be able to celebrate reaching your goals over and over again.