Weight training and why it’s important for Fat Loss.


Research over the past 10 years has shown more and more that resistance training helps to burn fat in our bodies.


Well using heavy weights (and I am talking about a decent sized weight and not one of those small pink hand weights you see) increases our bodies lean muscle mass.  Having a higher amount of lean muscle in our bodies increases our metabolic rate.  This is the rate at which we use up energy, so the higher the metabolic rate the higher the number of calories we consume and the great news is that even when we are sedentary if we have a high metabolic rate we’ll use up more stored energy just doing nothing.

Weight training also increases are production of both Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) both of which are responsible for fat burning in the body and help us to hold on to our lean muscle tissue.  (Having a good sleeping pattern also helps with the production of HGH but more on this in another article…..)

Cortisol is another hormone which you may have heard a lot about – it is generally the one that makes us store fat around our middles and if it gets out of hand will also encourage our bodies to hold onto fat and use muscle for energy instead.  Not what we want to happen.  Again weight training has been proven to help reduce Cortisol levels and balance out the right hormones to burn fat.

Many women worry that lifting heavy weights will turn them into a female bodybuilder but this is simply not true.  To put on large amounts of muscle requires a huge amount of work, lifting very very heavy weights and eating a lot of protein.  Even men find it hard to put on muscle mass that easily!

By reducing your body fat % you will become leaner and toned so will have definition in your muscles, your clothes will fit comfortably and you’ll be much stronger.

The Metabolic Effect class held at our studio in Haywards Heath utilizes both hand held weights and body weight exercises to ensure you get maximum fat loss from your workouts.