Weight Loss V Fat Loss

So what’s the difference between Weight loss and fat loss?  Well it’s fairly easy to lose weight, that is fluid, muscle and fat and it’s fairly easy to put it all back on again.  That’s the classic Yo Yo diet, you cut down on your calories and you exercise more but then as so as you come off your ‘diet’ you almost inevitably put it all back on again.

Why is this?

Well for starters doing standard cardio exercise, running, cycling, jogging, rowing machine, treadmill etc just tends to burn muscle and work your heart and lungs.  That’s great for improving you cardiovascular health and stamina but it’s not great for losing Fat.

If our bodies have less muscle tissue in them then we will have a lower metabolic rate so we will burn less calories, so if you think about it the more you lose weight using the cardio methods above the less muscle you’ll have and the less calories you burn.  So when you go back to being ‘normal ‘ again you’ve made your body less efficient so you put on weight!

However, if you combine cardio exercise with weight / resistance training then you get a different effect.  You are building muscle tissue at the same time as burning calories and fat.  You end up with a higher metabolic rate so you will burn more calories just doing nothing!

Our Metabolic Effect class is designed specifically for this, here’s the proof – just look at Chris Bradford below:





Chris has lost 4 Stone since starting our program and that has come from 2 x Metabolic Effect classes per week ( Just one hour ) plus a Circuit Training class at the weekends.

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