Our Weekly 7 Day Guide – January 12th 2014

Are you on a Detox or having a dry January?

A lot of people certainly seem to be at this time of year!

I think it’s a great idea to cut down on the amount of stimulants (caffeine and alcohol being good examples) but if you’re only going to do this for one month and then go back to drinking the same amount you were then actually what’s the point?

What would be a better thing to do is to cut down / cut out those items and then be fully aware of just how it makes you feel by cutting these things out.

Do you sleep better?
Do you have more energy?
Do you actually miss it?

If everything is positive from making these changes then why not carry on rather than only doing it until the 31st of January!

It is much better to spend all year avoiding as much rubbish as possible, than to try and sort it out in 1 month..

So here are your tips for the next 7 days to move towards lifelong healthy habits.
I wish “Good health to you”!

And you’ll get 7 more days worth of tips next week. (If you want last week’s tips you can get them from the website here: www.fitformoore.co.uk).

Monday – Back to your regularly scheduled workout and then take 5 minutes to clean out your ‘ bad ‘ food cupboard and get rid of all those temptations. Yes, you know the things that have been left over from Christmas that you’ve left just in case you really need it ….. YOU DON’T

Tuesday – 30 minutes of cardio/activity. And today, I want you to eat one new fruit and one new vegetable. If you aren’t already eating grapefruit, try one today and see how it helps fill you up because it contains a lot of soluble fiber called pectin. Add a new vegetable, such as steamed asparagus or Kale to your dinner.

Wednesday – Try this workout, all body weight exercises so no equipment required:

10 x Wide to Narrow Squats

10 x Jumping Jacks

10 x Side to Side Lunges with a reach ( bring your arms up over your head as your legs come together & stretch up )

10 x High Knee Lifts

10 x Press- Ups (use the level which woks for you so either full press ups on your toes, Half press ups, on your knees with hips forward or Box press ups on your knees with back straight )

10 x 10 second Plank with a 5 second rest in between

Repeat each exercise 3-5 times and don’t forget to stretch out afterwards.
Thursday – 30 minutes of cardio/activity. Check in with a friend and meet them for a walk ‘ n talk. There are so many fantastic places such as Wakehurst Sheffield Park where you can enjoy the scenery and catch up for a chat.
Friday – 10 minutes Higher intensity exercise. Grab a skipping rope if you have one and try this…

20 skips / rest to recover then 30 skips / rest to recover then 40 skips / rest to recover then 50, 60…all the way to 100 if you can. Want to make it harder? Try skipping with the rope going backwards.
No skipping rope then you can do this just as jogging fast on the spot or stepping up and down on a stair so no excuses…….

Saturday – Plan, shop, & prepare for the week ahead. Write down your weekly menu plan and if you have some time chop up the veg ready and bag up into the fridge so it feels like you’ve been to M&S without the cost….

Sunday – Nice long country walk with the family & dog if you have one!

Make sure to include 1 new fruit and 1 new vegetable in your grocery list.

Get prepared and get MOVING!