Trouble Sleeping? Try these 2 ways of getting back on track.

Recently I’ve spoken to a lot of people that are complaining that they’re not sleeping very well. Either they can’t get to sleep, they’re waking up many times during the night or waking up too early in the morning. I myself have have had a few weeks where I can’t sleep past 5.30am, which is thankfully not too early but still irritating.

I read an email from Jade Teta who is the founder of Metabolic Effect and he discussed a couple of ways that sleep specialists have used to help get your sleep patterns back on track.

Sleep is such an enormous subject and the trouble is when we feel we’re not getting enough sleep we panic, problem is the more we panic the harder it is to sleep and the whole cycle gets worse. The media will have us believe that we MUST get between 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night or we’ll end up with Dementia, suffer with a stroke or have all sorts of health problems. My view is that we all have a ‘ unique ‘ number of hours that we need to sleep to enable us to function happily and some people do seem to be able to survive quite happily on lower amounts than others.

Sleep and Rest are very important as our bodies need to recover from the stresses and strains that we put on them. That could be emotional or physical stress, it could be that our muscles and tissues need to repair or that our brains need to switch off.

So here are the two ways of re-setting your natural sleep pattern for you to try.

Method 1: The Wake Up Call.

This will take you about 2 weeks to complete and you need to decide on a set time to wake up EVERYDAY. Make sure that the time is sufficiently early that something else wakes you up inadvertently (such as a neighbor going off to work or a child waking you up.) You must wake up at this time everyday for 2 weeks so that includes weekend!.

Once you have your set wake up call that’s it, you listen to your body and go to bed only when you are tired. Don’t go to bed when you think you should but go to bed when you are truly tired.

(It’s probably also a good idea to limit TV / Tablets / Computers and phone’s etc as these will keep the mind awake so turn these off after 9pm and read or listen to music or even chat with your other half! When you eyes start to droop, go to bed!)

Researchers have found that after about 2 weeks your body will find it’s own ‘Sleep-Drive’. It will know how much sleep it needs. You just need to track when you are feeling tired and go to sleep and then calculate the hours between then and your set wake up call. From now on you’ll know how many hours you need.

Method 2: Running Free

Probably easier to try this method when you’re on holiday as you allow your body to wake when it’s ready so if you try it in on a working week your boss might be a bit cross if you come in late everyday.

Turn off your alarm clock and sleep as long as you like. The difference this time is you MUST go to bed at the same time each night. If you’re currently in a sleep debt ( you’ve had a few bad nights ) your body will take a couple of days to pay off this debt. After this it will regulate to a standard number of hours, you won’t over-sleep.

Again this allows you to work out how many hours YOU need.

Other things to aid sleep include a nice warm bath, Lavender Oil and taking a nap during the day if you’ve had a bad night the night before.  You don’t need to nap for long 10 -20 minutes is enough, any longer and you’ll wake feeling groggy.  Oh and taking Signing lessons can also help with snoring!

Right….I’m off for a nap now and as I’m on holiday I can sleep as long as I need too.

It would be great to hear from you about your sleeping patterns and if you’ve found other ways of getting a good nights sleep so email me or enter any comments below.  Sweet Dreams!….zzzzzz