Why treating the symptom is not always the answer.








Over the years of working in the Fitness Industry, most people start exercising for 2 reasons.

To Lose Weight

To Get Fit

Both are great reasons and both are great goals to have. Being overweight can lead to all sorts of health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke and other Auto Immune conditions.

Getting Fit reduces your risk of contracting these diseases plus it keeps your body strong, supple and flexible. It’s also been proven that by being ‘fit’ your body and mind will age less quickly and you’ll look and feel younger.

What’s not to love?

There’s a problem here. In my experience often the ‘ being overweight and unfit ‘ is just the symptom.

Treating a symptom is good and in some cases, it works just fine.

However, in many cases, the symptoms don’t go away.


Because the symptom is masking the true cause.

It’s a bit like suffering from a backache. When you visit the Osteopath he starts working on your ankle! You think why are you treating my ankle when it’s my back that the issue?   It could be that you sprained your ankle 10 years ago and had no treatment for it so the imbalance that was caused by the sprain moved up your body and into your lower back. By just treating your lower back it doesn’t solve the cause.

Does that make sense?

Ask the question; How did I get to be overweight and unfit in the first place?

As a child you will have (probably) been taught to eat regularly, to eat good quality food and to stop eating when you are full.

**I say probably as it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there is a generation, or perhaps 2, who haven’t been bought up that way as we live a world where everything needs to be convenient and quick. Plus the fact that many school stopped teaching ‘cooking’ and with both parents out working ready meals may be the norm.**

I digress.

As a child, you would have always been running around, active, always on the go. (Have you noticed that children seem to have boundless energy?)

So what happened? What caused you to gain weight and lose fitness?


Social Oppression?

Peer Pressure?




Lack of Confidence?

Low Self-Esteem?

Lack of Time?

Lack of knowledge?





Do you see how we’re now starting to look at the cause rather than the symptom?

I’ve found that until you start to acknowledge ‘How and Why’ you got to where you are, just treating the symptom is not always the answer.

Unless you start to untie the beliefs that you hold dear; for example

“ I just don’t have the time to cook”.  

Not much will change. If you start exercising regularly but still don’t find the time to eat and cook healthily changes will be limited.

If you start exercising but still have that lack of confidence the worry about everyone else being better than you get in your way? When there is an excuse not to go (it’s raining or you have a bit of a cold) you won’t turn up.

This is true for everything in life, not just exercise.

When you want to start a new business, go for a new job or leave a difficult relationship but you don’t you have to look at why (the cause) and address this.

If you decide to start your own business and have a low self-esteem then you’ll avoid situations that make you uncomfortable. You won’t want to go to networking meetings or stand up and present in front of people.

If you want to go for a promotion but you lack confidence in your knowledge you won’t push yourself forwards in the interview or maybe even apply for the job in the first place because the feeling of now knowing enough will hold you back.

If you are in a difficult relationship and convince yourself that you can’t do anything about and you’re not good enough then you’ll stay.

The symptom of being stuck (or shall we say fearful) might manifest as being overweight and unfit. Unless you uncover what sits behind the symptom, change, in my opinion, will be limited. Old patterns and habits will win every time.

Feeling stuck right now?  Let me help. 

I’ve put together a short worksheet to help you dig deeper into the symptoms and identify the cause. You can request a copy here: http://bit.ly/Uncoverthecause