Top 5 Things you should do when you have an Injury

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Here are my Top 5 things you should do when you have an injury.

1. Rest

Stop exercising ( most important ) and then rest. This allows you to assess how bad the injury is and allows the body to start the natural healing process.

2. Cool it!

If there is swelling ( and even if not ) then get some ICE on the area as soon as you can. Wrap around Ice packs are easy to get hold of nowadays in most chemists or just use a bag of frozen peas.

3. See a Specialist

So many people decide that it’ll get better on it’s own and once the pain goes away they just go back to normal. If you do this I can almost guarantee that it’ll come back to haunt you or you’ll end up with another injury and it’ll be worse next time and take longer to heal.  Don’t put it off go and see someone who can help you, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Sports Massage Therapist the list in endless and if you don’t know who to try then ask us and we can recommend someone.

4. Listen and Learn

Take any injury as a chance to really learn how your body works. Check out your posture, watch how you hold yourself when you stand / sit / lie down.

5. Focus on Strength and Flexibility

Build up the area that was injured, slowly and properly. Invest in a few PT sessions if you can afford it or speak to a trainer who can advise you and maybe spend some time going through exercises with you. Stretch and always warm up and cool down. Try some Yoga or Pilates especially if you’ve been suffering with back or neck pain.

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