The Health Benefits Of A Good Spring Clean

When I was much younger, ( can you believe it?!! ) I was not the tidiest of people!  In fact, I’ll share a story with you that taught me a lot…..

One day, when I was about 7, my dad came into my bedroom and told me that I had to tidy my room. It was a complete tip, with toys, clothes and all sorts all over the floor.

I didn’t want to put it all away so I thought I’d be clever and sweep it all under my bed, pull down the valance and Voila!  

It was tidy 🙂

I never for a moment thought dad would be smart enough to figure that out and that he’d be so pleased with me that he’d give me some money to go buy some penny sweets.  How wrong I was…. dad was much smarter than I realized.

He walked in, knelt down and lifted up the valance and of course, saw the mess and then told me off!!   I really DID have to clean my room 🙁

The moral of the story?

1). Do it right first time as cutting corners will only result in extra work.

2). Tidy up as you go as it makes for a much nice life!!

3). Parents are usually right ( I put that one in for my girls, just in case they read this ha ha!!)

On a more serious note though, one of the March Motivations that I shared in my group last week was the benefits of a good de-clutter.

This can be a physical de-clutter ( perhaps you have a very messy desk area or a number of drawers that stress you out each time you open them? ) 

or, even better, a mental de-clutter.  

How many worries have you had going round and round your head recently?

Tidying up, clearing, and making space can have huge benefits to your health, your energy levels, and your motivation.

I am sure you all know how amazing it feels when you have a good clear out and how much calmer life seems.  

You will also appreciate how much better you feel when you share your worries with another person or just get them down on paper?

Having a spring clean doesn’t just have to happen today, the start of spring,  it can happen anytime and I recommend that it’s an ongoing process.

Just writing your thoughts down at the end of the day can set you up for a great night’s sleep as can hanging your clothes up before you go to bed. 

If you wake up to a mess then imagine the sort of mood and day you will have?

So….what are you going to spring clean this week?  

I’d love to know, please do feel free to share with me as it’s always nice to receive your messages.

And don’t forget, if you want to watch/listen to the rest of the Motivation March hints and tips from last week you just need to click below to join the group.