The 6 Different Hungers – Fascinating Stuff

I don’t know about you but I quite liked seeing the snow yesterday morning, so pretty. Although I was glad that I had just got back from my run and wasn’t out in it as it was pretty chilly!

On Saturday I downloaded a fascinating Masterclass on Nutrition that was being run by MindValley.

(I really enjoy their stuff so if you’ve never heard of them I highly recommend you check them out).

This Masterclass was talking about food, nutrition and our relationships with it and what I really loved was the section on Hunger.

Apparently, there are 6 Core Hungers that we can experience.

1) Thirst
2) Variety
3) Empty Stomach
4) Low Blood Sugar
5) Nutritional

and, not surprisingly 6) Emotional

It was really interesting to hear the reasons behind these and obviously, I can’t write about them all but the first one was fascinating.

As humans, we haven’t always had cups, glasses, and vessels to drink out of. Our bodies used to get its hydration mainly from the plants and foods that it consumed.

(If you think about cucumber, for example, there is a lot of liquid in it.)

So, when our bodies are dehydrated, the brain sends a message which feels like ‘hunger’ to encourage us to find food. That’s why sometimes what we really need is a drink and not to eat a biscuit!

And the other part of this is if we do grab something to eat, it’s more likely to be something like a biscuit which actually contains hardly any water. So the body will send another message and so the cycle goes on.

Fascinating to understand the real reason behind this don’t you think?

The lesson here?

Keep a water bottle close by and make sure you stay hydrated, that way your body won’t need to send you so many of the hunger signals and you will eat less.

Interesting isn’t it?

I will be going into my Fearless and Powerful Facebook Group this week to give some more details on the other 5 Hungers so do come and join me there:
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