Testimonial from Tiger Cox

Tiger and I worked together in 2018 and it was an absolute pleasure working with someone who was enthusiastic, willing to look inside and to really work on himself as well as the practicalities of starting a business.

Tiger is an amazing young man, I know he will go far and if you’ve not come across him yet then do look him up. (Facebook and Instagram). He’s trained his own Falcon, from a chick (!) to fly with Paragliders up on the South Downs. Plus he’s launched the Cox Outdoor group, Tiger’s Wildside Tours and has is passionate to encourage more people out into the countryside.

Although part of focus when I coached him was about the business side; Marketing, Social Media Planning, Time Management and things like that. What we really worked on together was Mindset, Confidence and getting rid of those Limiting Beliefs that were holding him back from making decisions and getting out there to tell the world his message.

I remember Tiger said to me right at the start, that he didn’t feel that anyone would be interested to hear his story. He didn’t feel he had much to say and who would want to hear about his life?

Believe me, you would LOVE his story.