How to Stay in Shape this Summer

Schools have already started breaking up and by the end of July all the children will be off. Now this creates a challenge for many of us as parents and grandparents as we have to juggle working / childcare and (hopefully) going on holiday. But how are you going to keep up with your health and fitness??

Therein lies a challenge and here are some ideas about how you can tackle staying in shape whilst enjoying the sunshine and staying sane!

  • ¬†Days out – with great weather why not go for a day out on the South Downs or Ashdown Forest or if you’re away in the UK try any of our National Parks.


  • Pack up a healthy picnic and download a map and go for a walk or cycle.


  • If you’re on the beach see if you can brave the waves and swim ( cold water makes you burn more fat! ) or dig yourself a big hole and bury the other half!


  • Take a Kite and run along the beach.


  • Find some local woods and build a camp.


  • Try something new like Go Ape! or perhaps some horse riding?


  • Go swimming at the local leisure centre, there are a few outdoor pools locally so you can pretend to be on holiday.


  • Get a group of friends together and make your own Bootcamp and the local park or have a friendly cricket or rounders game. The kids will join in and probably make you more competitive.


  • Enjoy lots of fresh natural produce and go pick your own and see what new meals you can make out of the things you pick. ( Pea and mint soup is delicious ).