Spring Clean your Diet and your Life!

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year when having a clear out and starting afresh seems to be the perfect thing to do. We start to see fresh growth on the trees and in the garden and everything appears new and wonderful so maybe it’s time to take a look in the fridge/ food cupboards and your lifestyle and look with a fresh pair of eyes?

During the cold winter months it’s very easy to get into ‘comfort ‘ food and also the habit of eating the same types of things…I can imagine that Spaghetti Bolognese / Chilli / Casserole / Pasta based dishes and things like that appeared regularly on the table. Would I be correct? Now different foods are coming into season so why not Spring Clean your diet and also take a look at other lifestyle habits that you could change!

Certain foods can impact our digestive systems – now I am not saying for one moment that EVERYONE is going to have a Gluten or Dairy intolerance, that is simply not true BUT it is good to look at cutting down / or cutting out these type of foods just to see if it makes a difference to your energy levels / your digestive system and your waistline.

During the winter months it’s also very easy to move less and less and just snuggle on the sofa. Now the days are longer and the weather is starting to change take advantage of this and get out and move. I doesn’t matter if you’re walking / jogging / running / cycling or whatever but get out into the natural world and appreciate the beauty around you.

My 10 Tips to Spring Clean:

  1. Reduce / Remove Alcohol – it’s just empty calories after all!
  2. Reduce / Remove Caffeine – you may have withdrawal symptoms to start with but you will have better clarity of mind and you should sleep better.
  3. Buy fresh vegetables and fruit and only what you need – oh and then EAT them!
  4. Buy a new recipe book and plan what you’re going to try and when.
  5. Start you day with some hot water and lemon to cleanse your system.
  6. Swap white rice / pasta / potatoes for wholemeal or sweet potatoes.
  7. Don’t buy your regular brands – try something new like having Epsom salts with a few drops of essential oil in your bath instead or your usual bubble bath.
  8. Go to bed a bit earlier and set the alarm to get up a bit earlier too. (You could maybe go out for a sort walk before work?)
  9. Start a diary – this allows you to download your brain and get your thoughts and frustrations out rather than then whizzing around in your mind. Also think about all the things that have been good that day and write them down, going to sleep with a smile can make such a difference.
  10. Move more each day and keep a note of what you achieve.

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Look forward to hearing from you.