Rest or Activity what’s the best for weight loss?

Most people would think that I would say Activity as being the best possible thing for weight loss but that’s not always the case.  We lead such busy, stressful lives that we never properly rest and recover and allow our bodies to repair and relax.  I have known people who have tried and tried to lose weight, they try every diet going and work their bodies so hard but still don’t manage to lose weight.

Cortisol is the problem.

This hormone, along with others such as  Adrenaline and nor-adrenaline are some of our fight of flight hormones and are supposed to be there to help us escape danger.  Whether that be by fighting back, standing as still as possible or running away as fast we can.  These hormones prepare the body for danger, they increase our heart rate, release energy from our cells and pump blood into our muscle, problem is that in our modern life we are constantly stressed so these hormones are being produced all the time and it gets to the point where are bodies can no longer manage stress.

Exercise is a great stress buster as it releases other hormones and chemicals such as Endorphins which give us that feeling of happiness ( exercise high ) and can be quite addictive.  But exercise will also produce Cortisol, adrenaline etc and if we don’t manage this by relaxing well then we are just creating a vicious cycle.

Cortisol is also a hormone that can be a FAT Burner and a FAT holder, so it’s a friend and a foe!  The best way to get it to work as a friend is to exercise hard but also to relax, rest and recover.

So this summer when you’re on holiday take time to chill, take time to walk slowly and leisurely, take time to float in the pool and lie in the sun.  BUT be warned don’t add in alcohol and Ice cream as you’ll just undo all the good work you’ve been doing!