How to Reduce the effects of Type II Diabetes

There was a recent study at Copenhagen University * which looked at how the blood sugar levels of those with Type II Diabetes reacted when walking in a controlled manor ( same speed ) and when they were training in more of an interval type environment ( elements of high and low intensity ) exercise.

Interestingly, in the past Diabetics have always been advised to work at a moderate intensity and not to work at a high intensity to prevent injury and further problems with their condition.  However, the study used three groups, a control group, one who walked at the same pace for one hour, 5 times per week and the third group who walked for three minutes at a slow pace and then followed this by 3 minutes at a much faster pace.    They used heart rate monitors to measure the intensity and also an accelerometer which measured speed and movement.

At the end of the study the group who had used an interval training regime had lower blood glucose levels which they believed was due to increased insulin sensitivity and those who had just walked at the same pace had no changes at all.

In another previous study similar to the one above the interval walkers also lost an average of half a stone in weight compared to no weight loss for those just walking at the same pace.  This was put down to the fact that the exercisers reached what is know as ‘ Exercise Post – oxygen consumption or as we like to call it at Fit For Moore EPOC!.

At our Metabolic Effect classes in Haywards Heath our 30 minute training sessions work on the principle of ‘ rest based training’.  Everyone is encouraged to work as hard as they can, for as long as they are able  (to the point of EPOC) and then rest completely until they are able to re-join the session.  This way it doesn’t matter how fit or un-fit you are when you start training with us as you dictate the pace you work at and get to EPOC in your own time.

You will benefit from lower glucose levels and also increased insulin sensitivity plus you get the effects of after burn where your body continues to burn calories, especially FAT long after the workout has finished. and an increased metabolic Rate.

You don’t have to let  a diagnoses of Diabetes spoil your life, to quote Sir Steve Redgrave:

“There is no reason why you can’t achieve your dreams but it takes a lot of patience to work out the right routine. I decided early on that diabetes was going to live with me, not me live with diabetes.”

And surely he is a great advertisement of what can be achieved despite having Type II Diabetes.

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*(Research published in Diabetologia the journal of the European Association for the study of Diabetes)