Put a Spring in your step this Week


As the weather warms up it’s time to get outside and get some sun on your skin.  This helps encourage your body to absorb Vitamin D which helps your regulate your Calcium and phosphate levels and keep your bones and teeth healthy so this week I want you to try and get outside as much as possible this week.

Day 1:  Plan and prepare.  Get your shopping organized for the week ahead, be it an on-line shop or a quick trip to the local supermarket.  Fill up on vegetables and fruit and plan out your menu for the week ahead. Trust me, it makes such a difference having things ready and planned in advance.

Day 2:  Get in your 20 minute workout, class or gym session. Make sure it’s focused and planned and that you work hard.  Try not to just pace yourself but go that extra mile, do that extra press-up or hold your plank just a little bit longer.

Day 3: If you’re working all day then make a pact to get out for a walk at lunchtime or straight after work.  The evenings are getting lighter now so no excuses.  Get your colleagues to join you for a walk’n’talk, you’ll be surprised how much you get done when you’re not stuck in artificial light.

Day 4: Stretch and relax.  You’re half way through the week now and probably stressed so set aside 10 -15 minutes just for you and work your way from toes to the top of your head.  Stretch everything, start by tensing each muscle and holding it for 5-10 seconds then letting it relax.  Breathe deeply and let the mind wander.  If you do this after an intense workout it’ll be even better.

Day 5:  Workout Day. Have a try of this… ( do 15 Repetitions and 3 Sets )

  1. Wide to Narrow Squat with arms out to the side
  2. Press- up, shoulder tap – (once you’ve pressed take one hand off the floor to gently tap your opposite shoulder.  make sure you keep your core pulled in tight.)
  3. Side Lunge / Leg Lift – lunge to the side, return to standing and then lift the same leg out to the side
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Kneel down / Stand up – yep, it’s really that simple.  Use a cushion / mat if you have a hard floor
  6. Plank Hold ( 10 – 30 secs )

Or check out out You Tube channel for some other workout ideas.

Day 6: Check how much water you’ve been drinking this week, if you’re not keeping hydrated then pop to the shop and get a water bottle that you can keep near you at all times.  When it’s empty – FILL IT UP!

Day 7: It’s bound to be sunny today so get your bike / skates / scooter / tennis racket etc etc out and get out there.

Keeping a note of what you do each week is a really good idea or even tracking your activity by using a product such as Pedometer or FitBit really helps with motivation.  If you get one for your other half to then you can have a little competition and whoever does the best gets to have breakfast in bed at the weekend!