NEW! Yoga at Fit For Moore ( Coming Soon )

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We are pleased to announce that Fit For Moore will be starting Yoga at our private studio in Haywards Heath in June.

Our belief is that there needs to be a balance in your fitness programme as well as your life and Yoga is a fantastic edition to our existing training methodologies and allows us to build bespoke training packages for our clients.  A package that is unique to their goals and one that ticks all the boxes leading to faster and better results.

The benefits of yoga don’t end when you step off the mat.  In addition to the numerous physical health benefits yoga provides, regular practice can make a difference in some unexpected places.  You should find yourself sleeping more deeply and have a longer concentration span.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced concentration focus and memory
  • Enhance physical stamina, agility,fitness and endurance
  • Gains in strength and condition
  • Improved core stability
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved mobility and balance
  • Quicker recovery after exercise
  • Improved posture
  • You’ll be happier!

We have two great new trainers, Katie  and David who will be joining the Fit For Moore Team in June.

Katie , a mum of two and has been practicing since 1997 and was first exposed to the eastern philosophy of Yoga when living in Hong Kong.  Katie teaches yoga, mediation and mindfulness and helps her students to imporve their confidence, increase self healing and manage their work/life balance.

Katie says’ ” Yoga is a conscious effort to train the mind; to be fully present by controlling the body, breath and mind in one harmonious moment.  The physical postures of yoga thread together with the breath and the practitioners focus”.

Katie will be running a 6 week Introductory course of Yoga and Meditation starting in June.  To find out more contact 01444 847951 for more information.

david upsonDavid has been a Yoga trainer for a number of years and has a grown up daughter.  Having been an Olympic Kayaker when he was younger a back injury put paid to his physical career, he found that Yoga helped immensely and has helped to heal his back so he can function properly.

David will be running a 6 week introduction for both beginners and the more advanced participant.  Want to know more?  Call us now on 01444 847951.

We will be offering some FREE taster sessions in May but these are subject to availability as spaces are limited.