New Degree Course – The Art of Being Busy!

Would you score an A* in the Art of Being Busy?
( I think I would!!!! )
Women it seems are the best qualified in this Art, scoring nearly 100%!
Even when you find that you have a spare half an hour, having scored an A* you will NEVER think to waste any of this time.
You WILL make sure that you find something that ‘should’ be done.
Do you recognize that person?
Now the problem is that once you are qualified, it’s extremely hard to do things differently. You’ve learned the habit
For example:
Sit down and read a book – Nope that only for holidays right?
Ignore the pile of washing and ironing as you go upstairs to have a lazy bath – NO WAY Jose!
Say No to a friend in need when she wants you to look after her children/dog/cat/pet snake even though your agenda is fully booked? – ABSOLUTELY NOT  After all what would she think of me?
And ….. if you were in the same boat and needed help she’d help me out.)
But ladies, you have to remember that there is Pre-Study paper required before taking the Art of being busy.
You have to learn these rules:
1) No guilt when you say NO, I am sorry.
2) Always review your priorities before – self-care MUST come before chores …
3) Rest is often just as important as action.
4) You do NOT HAVE to be Superwoman all the time.
5) You cannot help anyone if you only have 1% left.
So if you’re thinking of taking the degree in The Art Of Being Busy, I would strongly recommend that for now, you focus on the Pre-Study Paper.
Master the rules above and then you can be busy, productive and efficient and at the same not be exhausted, overwhelmed and taken for granted!