Research has shown that the amount of calories burned during a normal day are split into different energy systems.

  • We use Calories to breath, generate heat and to run our internal systems.
  • We use Calories to eat and digest food.
  • We use Calories when we exercise and…..

We use calories when we MOVE whether this be fidgeting, putting the washing on, cleaning our teeth, flicking through a magazine and generally just moving around by WALKING.

In fact the latest research shows that we burn the highest percentage of our calories when we’re walking.

Therefore I am setting you a challenge and hope that you will take part in our very first

‘MOVE’ ember challenge.

The rules are VERY simple.  Simply track the number of steps you take everyday during November and the person who comes out as having taken the most steps in this month will be crowned Fit For Moore Mover!

Now, if you already have a device such as a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin Vivofit or something similar then you’re already set to go.  If you don’t have one of these devices then all you need to do is purchase a simple Pedometer.

Here is a link to Argos where you can order one. click here

Then you need to clip it onto your waistband and wear it all day – SIMPLE!

Each day remember to write down the number of steps taken on the sheet that you can download from this email / our website or the Facebook page.  If you’re a Facebook user and one of our Fans then you can drop a quick post on the Fit For Moore Facebook Page with the number you have done.

On a weekly basis we will collate the numbers and send out a leader board, we’ll also put them up in the studio so you can see who’s done the most.

Sam and myself are going to have our own personal competition…sadly I think I might lose this one or have to do some very long dog walks at the weekend (I’m sure Sherbert, my Cocker Spaniel will be pleased!).

Now if you would like to add an extra element to this challenge ( this is completely Optional ) then you can make it a Sponsored event and raise money for the charity of your choice. Fit For Moore have always supported both The British Heart Foundation and also St Catherine’s Hospice but please feel free to choose your own charity.

You can ask friends and family to donate and if you wanted you could set up your own JustGiving Page.  (If you need help with this just shout!)

I am going to extend this competition to not only FFM clients but anyone who would like to take part, so if you have any friends and family who’d like to take part then please do share this with them now.

All competitors MUST sign up by 31st October and have their Pedometer or device ready to go.

You can do this here click here

There will have a prize for the winner of the most steps taken in November and certificates for all who took part.

Get signed up now for our fantastic ‘ MOVE’ember challenge and let’s get moving!!


PS:  November is not that far away so get ready now and sign up here: click here