When it’s longer than you thought?

Last week a couple of friends of mine and I decided that as we were ‘child free ‘ on Monday that we should go for a long walk.  Something you can’t generally do with young children as they’re always complaining it’s boring and too far!! ( My legs are tired….)

Anyway the walk was going to be a 10 miler with a picnic lunch – perfect.  sS we wake up Monday to thunder, lightning and the heaviest rain I’ve seen in a long time.  Now I’m pretty good with bad weather and am happy to go out in most things but 10 miles in pouring rain??


However, the rain slowed down and we decided to go for it and left at 10.30, after about half an hour it stopped raining and turned into a lovely day.  So we walked, and walked and walked, up hills, down hills, over stiles and gates……the cafe we were going to have a pit stop in was closed so we walked and walked….. we came across and hard back book which someone had thrown out of their car window alongside a beer bottle – it turned out to be the Alcoholics Anonymous bible!!!!


I was then given the great news that we were going to have a surprise Afternoon Tea at the Ashdown Park Hotel!  Phew, that spurred me on.

Eventually we made it to Forest Row, via Sharpethorne, Blacklands Farm, Wierwood resevoir and sat down for a coffee at Java & Jazz ( great place if you’ve not been) and have a quick comfort break.  By this time the feet were feeling a little sore and legs a bit tight but it was only 10 miles right?


Coffee at Java & Jazz
Coffee at Java & Jazz

Hmmmm we carried on walking, up and up and up over the forest – I don’t think the golfers at the Royal Ashdown were too impressed with us stomping over their course but there is a public footpath – honest!  I felt the blister on my big toe burst – yuk!


At about 3pm we got to the hotel and yum yum we had our tea.  It was delicious and well deserved AND we ate all the cakes!  Then reality hit, we still had to walk home and as we were going cross country it wasn’t as close as we hoped.  At 6.10pm precisely I entered my house.  Sherbert ( my dog ) had his lead taken off which he then preceded to pick up in his mouth and follow me around with as if to say ” was that it”?

Lucky for me I had to go into the studio to take 2 Small Group Training classes at 7pm – that was a challenge I can assure you and top top it all Clare texted me to say it wasn’t a 10 mile walk we’d done but at 17 MILE walk.

The moral of the story??  Get a GPS or a better map reader (!) ….but also more importantly you never know what you can achieve and if I’d set out that morning for a 17 mile walk I( longer than I thought ) I would have found it a big slog.  In my head 10 miles was achievable so I just kept on walking!

So if you want some help in achieving something that you don’t think you can then give us a call or book yourself in for a FREE consultation and we’ll set you on your way to your 17 miler!!