Jo’s Nutrition Blog – February

This month I wanted to share with you a little about my own personal eating habits. Why??

Well I hope you will see that it’s difficult, for many reason, for ALL of us to eat well, loose weight and lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Back last summer I was becoming increasingly stressed about my work/life balance and I got sucked into an “I’m doing 12+ classes a week, I can eat anything I want” attitude. This resulted in me feeling not so good about myself, especially standing in front our clients in the studio, not a good example!!!!

So I began a new eating plan and added two training sessions to my already crammed week, but this was MY time. I have worked hard, I stopped eating carbs and sugar and dairy for the first 3-4 weeks (something that I never thought I could do without) but the weight started coming off and in total I have lost 1stone. Important to mention that I also have lost body fat and increased my Muscle Mass, it’s not just about the weight alone.

My point to you is that it’s not easy and you have to be in the right place mentally to make the changes and stick to it. My best advice to you is do it when you feel able to( no excuses about upcoming events etc ) do it for yourself, not for anyone else, that’s the only way to stay committed. If you’re not in ‘that’ place then the chances are it will just add extra stress which you should all know by now is one of your worst enemies for weight loss!!!!

I hope this helps you and to finish up I’ve put two days examples of what I eat to give you some ideas.

Menu Day 1

7am – Green tea or any caffeine free tea

7.45am – 2 eggs scrambled with a knob of proper butter, pepper. Cooked meat such as Ham, Beef, Chicken or bacon (lean!) glass of water

11am – Cup of coffee, If possible proper coffee, not instant and a big handful of natural almonds, brazils etc.

1pm – Stir fry a chicken breast in coconut oil with chopped chilli and serve with broccoli and spinach. Two glasses of water.

3.45pm – cup of tea with 2/3 Nairn’s Choc chip Oatcake biscuits (ok sometimes I eat all 5)

Dinner – Grilled steak, with a big mixed salad! Water

Drink as much water or green tea as want throughout day.

Menu Day 2

7am – Green Tea

7.45 – 2 eggs omelette with mushrooms and tomato, cooked with knob of real butter. Glass of water.

11am – green tea and a glass of water, whole avocado with a tin of tuna.

1pm – home made soup, example: Spoon of coconut oil in saucepan with 1-2 garlic cloves chopped, add carrot, celery, courgette and yellow pepper and vegetable stock, cook till veg tender then blitz with a spoon of proper butter and add salt and pepper. Water to drink.

3.45pm – my usual cuppa and some Nairn’s oatcakes.

Dinner – Big bag of stir fry veg from M&S (they do lots of different ones) with oven baked salmon. Couple of glasses of water.

Again more water or a green tea in the evening, sometimes a coffee!

And if you really look at it I do actually eat quite a lot!!!