It’s only a few Spots….nothing serious.

My poor little girl was poorly last week and it all started with a few spots on her tummy. At first, I thought it was just gnat bites but after she started really complaining about the pain I realized that there was more to this.

I went to the chemist to get their opinion and to my surprise, they said it looked like Shingles and to go to the Doctor. It was confirmed as Shingles.

It’s quite rare apparently for children to get Shingles and the Doctor was a bit stumped about why a very healthy ten year old would get this and she then asked if there had been any stressful events recently.

Well yes, there has been a lot of stress for both my girls with the passing of their dad and it’s very sad for me to see that her body is also reacting to this very sad news.

It really bought it home to me again that stress is the cause of many of our problems both Physically and Emotionally. In today’s society, I strongly believe we need to address this.


One of the big growth areas of scientific research has been around the effects of Inflammation on the body.

When our organs and tissues are inflamed a stress response is produced.

This can lead to many symptoms from aches, pains, stiffness in the muscles and joints. Or Headaches and Migraines.

Our digestive tract is hugely affected by stress so if you’re suffering from IBS, Reflux, Digestion, Mouth Ulcers, Constipation or Diarrhea then this could well be down to stress.

Our emotional health is also compromised and the rise in Mental health issues in the UK alone is huge. There are HUGE numbers of studies out there that link depression or anxiety and digestive issues, just google Gut /Brain connection. After all, the Limbic (emotional system) has a direct link to our small and large intestines through the Vagus Cranial nerve.

Many people I speak to don’t feel they are under stress, they’ve become so used to feeling how they do and just take for granted that they don’t always feel well. That’s NOT right, you do NOT have to live your life feeling tired, exhausted, achy, bloated and uncomfortable.

The signs are probably already there, you just need to stop ignoring them. ( see list above for some of the things to look out for).

I’m a great promoter of Walking, Meditation, and Journaling as ways to counteract stress ( as well as sleep!) and my new 4 Week Coaching program is designed to identify areas in your life where stress if affecting your emotional and physical health. Once you release these areas and take the small steps required to change them, your life will feel easier, lighter and happier.

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