I have no idea how to do it???

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash


One thing that’s stopped me so many times from moving forward is that thought

“I don’t know enough….I don’t know how to XYZ…”

I remember when I worked in the Corporate world as an Account Manager selling IT Services. I’d often have meetings with some of the Techy guys and they’d been waffling on about this technology or this new gadget that came out and I’d think….I have NO clue what they’re talking about.

Then my Sales manager would expect me to be happy to go talk to my clients all about it and sell them this new ‘ stuff ’.

If I did go to the client and talk to their techy people, they’d know more about it than I would and I’d feel like a right idiot.

So what did I do?

Very often I’d use the AVOID tactic… I just wouldn’t talk about it!!

Not great when you have Sales Targets to hit! LOL

Then I’d use the JARGON tactic…throw in a few words in that sound right and then offer to get our techy guys in to talk to their techy guys. This worked a bit better.

And rarely I’d actually be honest and say, I don’t understand, can someone help me?

The problem with this one is then I’d feel a fool and would worry that people thought I was stupid.  The truth was, I thought I was stupid!

Have you ever felt like that?

Do you feel like that now, because you don’t actually know how to move from where you are now, to where you want to be?

You know the destination but you haven’t got the map!!

AND…you’re too scared to ask for help or too worried that people will judge you or think you’re stupid.

Urgh…that just leaves you stuck.

Let me just say this…

No-one on this planet knows everything. NO-ONE.

If you don’t know how that does not make you stupid.

There is always a way, in fact, there are usually many different ways!

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