How to STOP saying ‘I don’t have the time?’

Let’s face it, despite ‘ Equality’ generally ladies still do most of the stuff at home.

Do you agree, ladies?

When you get up in the morning, you are faced with getting things done.

That could be putting the washing on, getting the breakfast ready, planning supper for the evening, writing a shopping list or, or or….. an endless list.

Then, there’s of course the other things like checking email, paying bills, going onto Social Media blah blah blah.

Maybe you have a dog that needs walking or a cat that needs feeding.

The list never ends.

You know what?

The list will never end and we as women have become so great at adding to the list, in fact we seem to thrive on having a really long list of tasks to do.

How many of your friends tell you they have ‘ SO much to do, it’s crazy?”

We feel it is our duty and our mission to keep ticking things off the list and then adding more.

We feel great when we tick things off and even better when we throw the list away – celebrating because we got everything done.

But did we achieve anything?

As I am self-employed and work for myself I feel I must always be ‘ doing’ something.

I must always be working on the next promotion, speaking to clients, writing great blogs, making video’s, doing speeches, networking, being visible on Social Media blah blah blah.

I’ve learned it’s so easy to be busy, doing loads of ‘stuff’ BUT being busy is a very often a mask, it’s masking a fear of actually taking the next step.   Of doing what you REALLY need to do.  Instead, we just keep busy, surviving in the list of things we put on our never-ending list.

I don’t have enough time is an excuse I hear over and over again – and guess what? I use it too!

I just used it yesterday when speaking to my coach only I reframed it to say ‘ I’m struggling to make the time because it’s the summer holidays, the girls are off school blah blah!

It’s the same excuse only reframed in a much better way!!

The good thing is as I said these words I knew categorically I was just making an excuse and when my coach smiled, I smiled too as we both knew what was coming next.

Sitting here this morning I’ve been focusing on my limiting behavior and asking myself some tough questions.

  • What if I did have the time – what then?
  • What will happen if I don’t make the time – what then? (Will I still be in exactly the same position as I am now in 12 months time, it’s pretty damn likely!)
  • What if I made the choice to use my time in a better way?
  • What am I scared of; fear of failure or is it fear of rejection and judgement?
  • How exactly am I behaving and how can I break the pattern?
  • What do I need to do differently every day?

As I step up in my business and become a coach who helps others to change, grow and blossom I know it’s even more important that I am ‘walking the walk.’

Just because I may be further down the path, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to do these things anymore. The list is never complete, but the list can be more purposeful, more inspiring and take us on a journey of self-discovery.

The list should NOT be mundane and boring.

Oh, and by the way….you DO have the time. Trust me.   You just need to see more clearly and step out of the fear.

If you need help in working out how the hell you do then let me know and we’ll get on a call and I’ll share with you some simple exercises that you can do RIGHT now that will open your eyes wide to just how much time you do have.