How De-clutterring your Mind will help your waistline.


Do you wake up in the morning and your mind is already whizzing and whirring with all the thoughts for today? Your list of jobs to do, your daily calendar, your action list?

As the day moves on your mind is constantly going over things, worries, anxieties, what happened yesterday that you wished hadn’t happened or maybe regrets from the past and guilt about things you ‘ should ‘ have got done but didn’t?

All this clutter saps your energy and makes life feel like a real chore and then you decide to also start a new exercise regime, to get fit and lose some weight. Phew…where on earth are you going to put those thoughts now, do you have enough room?

Just as Spring Cleaning (see my blog from the other week) is a great way to calm and relax you, De-cluttering our minds can bring clarity and focus which will then enable us to move forward to reach our goals and ultimately give us the head space to start focusing on our health.

My tips for De -cluttering:

  1. Accept what is – there may be things in your life right now that you rather weren’t there but at this moment in time there is nothing that can be done to change them. Just accepting this and celebrating what is can release you from stress.
  2. Work out what is important and what you really – I find if you start to write down all the things you think you want that by the time you get to the bottom of the list you realize that probably only 10% of that list is what you ‘ Truly ‘ want.
  3. Be Grateful for everything you have – there is a saying is that it’s the small things that count and this is so true. Be grateful for the kind words someone says to you, the hug, the sunshine, the laughter, the smile from a stranger…..
  4. Let go of the past – you can’t change it but you can change your future!
  5. Breathe and Stop – DO IT NOW….even just a few seconds can make a huge difference.
  6. Recognize that you can’t control everything (even though you’d like too!!)
  7. Write down your thoughts everyday – once they’re out there on paper they’re no longer in your head.
  8. Do ONE thing at a time – multi-tasking just doesn’t work, it’s less efficient and you won’t focus 100%. If you’ve got 3 things that need doing work out which one needs to be done first (I’d suggest doing the one you don’t want to do the most) and then do it. If it was the worst job and you get it done then how do you think you’ll feel once it’s done?

I’d love to hear from you about how you get on so please drop me an email or call 01444 847951. If you need help with your health and fitness and want to find a supportive, friendly environment in which to do so then come a see us in Haywards Heath.