Health Checks at Fluid Design

This week I had the privilege of going into one of my clients businesses in Forest Row for the day to carry out a health check and fitness test on all his staff.

Why?  Well Chris’s company are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and so he has challenged his staff to compete in a number of physical events.

So far they have done Tower 42 in London.  That’s running up 42 flight of stairs as quickly as you can – believe me it’s tough.

tower 42

The London to Brighton Bike Ride which includes the amazing Ditchling Beacon Hill. ( It’s easier on horse back or in a car!)

and in September they are going to attempt the 3 Peaks Challenge.  That’s 3 mountains to climb   in 24 hours!  All to raise money for charity.

3 Peaks

Last weekend most of them trolled off to Snowdon to see how they got on and as a result of this Chris and I got talking and we thought it would be a good idea for the staff to get a view of how fit they are and if there were any areas that I could give them some suggestions on to improve.

To be honest they’re all in pretty good shape , I weighed them, measured their waist to hip ratio’s checked their blood pressure and did a 3 minute step test.  We talked about using walking poles to help with any sore knees and talked about the importance of making sure they focus on core strength as well as doing lots of walking outside on different terrain. (Core and upper body strength plays a really big part when training for an event like this, even though you think it’s all about your legs.  Having a strong core helps to keep you upright so when you get tired your back doesn’t suffer and also your lungs are able to expand fully without you bending forwards through tiredness.)

I wish them lost of luck and if you’re happy to sponsor them then please do visit their just giving page:

If you are thinking about getting a team together to do an event like this then we’re always happy to help with advice and training programs so contact us now for a Free Consultation and we can help you towards your charity target and fitness goals.  Just click on the link on the right.