The Healing Properties of Herbs and Spices

Herbal Medicine and the use of flowers and plants was the pre-cursor to many of the medicines that we have today and I believe there is still a place for using, plants, herbs and spices within our diets today.

Much of the food we eat today is highly processed, treated with pesticides and washed in chlorine; this leads to our bodies struggling with diseases caused by Inflammation.

The number of cases of people struggling with aches and pains that are often untreatable and unexplained is increasing.

There are a number of spices that can greatly help reduce inflammation, improve our digestion and also help with memory and stress.

The great thing is they are delicious to use, simple and cheap!

Next Tuesday 28th February I’ll be presenting my monthly Lunch & Learn at Cafe Rouge 1pm – 2pm.

The Healing properties of Herbs and Spices

I will be sharing with you some of my favourite herbs and spices, their medicinal properties and how you can add them into your day to day lives.

They’ll be a useful handout to take away and a few nice recipes to try too!

Sugar and Salt is very high in our Western diet and we have become accustomed to this taste. When we cut these down or out completely then food can initially taste bland and boring, which leads to us giving up on this change quite quickly.  Using herbs and spices can be a way of making these changes easier to palate and brings amazing flavours to the most simple of dishes.

Do join me for the monthly talk next Tuesday 28th February 1- 2pm at Cafe Rouge in Haywards Heath.  



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