Getting to the root cause.

I spent most of this weekend in my garden, something I’d been putting off for a while as I knew it was going to take a bit of time and also a bit of energy as there were a couple of shrubs that needed to be taken out.   Having cut them back a while ago I knew that the roots were pretty deep and would take some effort to get out.

As I was puffing and panting yesterday (yes in that bright sunlight – don’t worry I had sunscreen on!) it really made me think about the roots I was trying to get untangled and out of the ground.

I’ve been working with a new coach this year and we’ve been doing a lot of ‘removal’ work.

What this really means is we’ve been working hard on getting rid of all the things that are holding me back, finding the root cause and…you guessed it…removing them!

So when I got to the point yesterday when I couldn’t shift the bloomin’ root of this shrub it made me smile as it felt a bit like déjà vu.

The challenges my coach has given to me over these last few months were very often like trying to get this root out. You just think you’ve loosened it and then it’s stuck again. You come at it from a different angle and it loosens some more. Then you have a bit of a rest (because it was pretty intense this digging and it’s important to hydrate, re-focus and stop from time to time) and then you start again.

Dig, twist, pull, push – piece by piece until eventually, it was all out. Hurrah!

You might be thinking, where is she going with this?

Well, we all have deep-rooted beliefs about what we’re good at and what we’re not good at. We believe that we can’t achieve certain things because we’re not confident enough, clever enough or extrovert enough.

These are just ‘beliefs’, they are NOT real, they are choices and thoughts and habits that we’ve developed over a lifetime and they can be changed and replaced with new ones.

Just like the new flowers that I’ve now planted in place of the old shrub!

So now I’ve got rid of some of my own – I’m not good enough / clever enough beliefs, I’m biting the bullet and am launching my One to One Coaching Service and am looking for two ladies who are currently feeling stuck with their life right now.

How can this help? Well…

Maybe you’re thinking that if only you could lose weight you’d feel better?

Maybe you’re feeling that if only you had the courage to change your job, or relationship that you’d feel better?

Maybe you just want to feel more in control of YOU and your life.

Or maybe you want to find YOU again, as at the moment you’re just a mum, gran, sister, worker, carer, general dogsbody and bottom of your priority pile?

Let’s work out if that maybe is right and get to the root of the problem.

I know that I can help you and would love the privilege to do so.

Please contact me either by email ( or call me 01444 847951 and we can have a chat about how I can help you.