Getting Ready to Ski?

Clients often ask for advice about what exercises to do on the run up to certain events, holidays, Race for Life, running events or sports etc. We feel it is important to be able to advise and give our clients tailored program to get your body full prepared  and given that it is still officially Ski season we’ve Sam , one of our Expert trainers has written this blog to help prepare you for your holiday.  If you prepare physically before the event you should have a fantastic injury free holiday that you can enjoy without all the aches and pains of doing exercise that you only get to do once a year!


Skiing is physically demanding, whether you’re helping the children learn to ski ( and spending a lot of time bending over to pick them up ) or are lucky enough to enjoy some off piste skiing.  It requires both cardiovascular and muscle strength and certainly a strong core.

If you’re not exercising regularly then you should allow at least 6 weeks before you go to get yourself into condition. It’s so important to build up a good base level of fitness as you’ll pretty much get a full body workout whilst skiing. Though it really targets your bum, legs, core and pulling muscles, we’ve put together a workout to help your body to prepare.

Here’s the workout:

(As always remember to start with a 5 min warm up to get the muscles warmed up and the joints ready for the workout. This is based as a circuit. Beginners perform 30sec, intermediate 45sec and advanced 1min per exercise. Do this back to back and try to build up overtime the number of circuits you complete.)

You’ll need some dumbbells or filled water bottles, a raised platform – chair, step, bed etc, water, towel and a smile!

Squat and bent over row – works your Thighs, Glutes, Core, Arms and Upper back.

Hold the dumbells by your side with palms facing thighs. squat down folding the hips, bending through the knees. Hinge slightly through the hips, pull your shoulder blades down and back, bending the elbow bring the weights up your side, working the upper back and arms. Then return to start, straighten arms and legs.

Bulgarian Split Squat- this challenges your balance, ankle stability, legs and core.

Using a platform / step stand approximately 2′ in front. Balance on one leg taking the other leg back so your foot is resting on the platform. Keeping your chest up and shoulders back drop down through your hips taking the front thigh parallel to the floor. Push your weight through the heels and drive yourself back up squeezing the glutes back to the start.

Plank- works your deep internal stomach muscles and whole body ( you can Sam Plankcheck out our video on You Tube to see how to do the perfect plank).

Using your towel place it on the floor. Kneel down on all fours with hands directly under your shoulders step your feet back so there is a straight line through shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Keeping the muscles tight.

Mountain climbers- Will work your deep internal stomach muscles, plus the ‘6 pack’ muscles and obliques.

From the Plank position quickly step 1 knee into the opposite elbow and switch sides quickly.

Bridge with feet and knees together – works the Hamstrings, Glutes and Lower back

Lie face up with your knees bent, walk heels in close to your glutes. Squeeze the glutes, pushing the weight through your heels and lift your hips up, creating a straight line through knees, hips and shoulders. Slowly lower back down and repeat.

Pulsing bridge

Do the same movement as in the previous exercise but remain at the top of the movement and pulse. Really squeezing the glutes.

Leg Extension with arms back over head – works the core, shoulders and lateral muscles.

Lie face up on your towel, with weights in both hands, arms straight directly above your chest. Bring feet off the floor so that you have a 90 degree angle through the knee. Extend 1 leg and raise your arms above your head at the same time, come back to the start and switch legs.

Jumping squats- great for building power, strength and stamina through the legs. Get you ready for the moguls!

Feet hip width apart, hinge back through the hips, bending the knees, using your arms to come up into a Jump. Ensure you land softly back down keeping the knees bent and springy ready for the next jump.

Static wall squat / Ski Sit- This will really hit those legs

Stand with your back to the wall, walk your feet so your heels are about 1′ away. Bend through the hips and knees to sit with your back and shoulders against the wall. Hold for as long as possible with the shoulders back against the wall.

Take a good stretch out after the circuit or if you have a Foam Roller available use this for a few minutes to really loosen up those muscles.