How to get toned upper arms


By Janet Green from Fitness

How to Get Rid of Arm Flab
According to data from a national survey, the average woman over age 18 has an upper-arm circumference (typically measured around the biggest part of the biceps) of just less than 12 1/4 inches. But that girth doesn’t take into account firmness versus flab. And the truth is, studies of upper-body strength showed that women tend to neglect doing the toning that would add muscle to that mix.

You probably have a short list of go-to exercises you’ve used since college to sculpt your arms and shoulders. A few curls, some kick backs, maybe some overhead presses. I’ve gotten by — even received compliments — with this repertoire, but I’ve recently discovered that arms are not so easily tamed. The upper arms and the shoulders have no fewer than nine primary muscles that require some serious firming if you want to make the sort of sleeveless impact you see on the red carpet.

Even if you’re the type who would rather sit through a movie marathon than grab a dumbbell, the science and sets here will make you drop the remote. These proven strategies and exercises make strong, sexy arms finally attainable. So attainable, in fact, that our plan took upto an inch and a quarter off our testers’ arm measurements while building muscle-carving strength that you can see, all without dieting. If you’re tired of envying other women’s arms while covering your own, get ready to roll up your sleeves.

Cure for Chicken Wings
The primary complaint women have about their upper arms: flab. Turns out, this area is part of the major fat-pocket trifecta in females. “Women tend to store fat around their hips, thighs, and upper arms, Combine that with the fact that women may be under training their arms and you’ve got the makings of a true trouble spot.
The good news is that the areas where your body likes to deposit fat are also the ones that give up the fat sooner, which means you’ll see results faster. By now you know that shrinking fat requires a combination of burning more calories and eating fewer of them, especially in the form of sugar. “Consuming too much sugar inhibits your fat-burning enzymes, which slows down fat loss. You can’t ignore what you’re eating if you’re trying to improve your body composition.