Free Health Checks

This Friday we invited the Mid Sussex District Council to use our facilities at our Fitness studio in Haywards Heath. The government has launched an initiative through the NHS to provide businesses and their staff with a FREE MOT and health check.

From my point of view this has got to be a good thing, anything that makes peoples take ownership of their health is a great step forward and of course if it’s free then more people are likely to take up the opportunity. At a meeting with the Mid Sussex District Council we found out that one of the problems they were facing was working with smaller businesses who don’t have enough staff to justify the council coming into their premises to carry out these health checks. Being a small business ourselves and being in the health industry we wanted to help as much as possible and therefore we offered our facilities for then to use.

The MOT takes about 30 minutes and an NHS nurse carries out various tests, including BMI, Body Fat measurements, Blood Pressure and cholesterol tests. Each individual came out with a full report so they knew exactly what they may need to focus on fr the future and we were then able to advise on a course of action for exercise and nutrition if required.

If you’re interested to know more about the FREE health checks then do get in touch with us as we hope to run another session in the autumn.