Five Principles of Metabolic Effect & Rest Based Living


It’s all about ME, meaning you. The only program that works is the one that fits your metabolism, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences. For every crazy diet or exercise program in existence, you will find someone it works for. It does not matter if it is Weight Watchers, Atkins, or The Twinkie Diet, you are likely to find someone who it will work for. But does it work for you? No matter what you hear in the media, from your favorite fat loss guru, or even from us here at Metabolic Effect, all that matters is does it work for you. Your job is to learn your metabolism, be true to your psychological needs and honor your personal likes and dislikes. Do this and you can create a lifestyle you can love, own and live with that also delivers optimal health fitness and body change. It is our mission to help you learn how.

Eat for fat loss. Weight loss foods and fat loss foods are not the same thing. You can be burning calories or losing weight, but those calories and that weight may or may not be fat. “Healthy” is a relative term. What is healthy for you, may not be healthy for another. Just because a food is rich in vitamins and minerals, does not mean it will help you lose weight. Instead of counting calories, measuring pounds lost and calculating nutrients, learn to read your body and feed its needs. Hunger, energy and cravings, along with a host of other biofeedback sensations teach you all you need to know about the diet that will work for you. A low calorie, healthy diet is neither low calorie or healthy if it creates compensatory reactions that lead you to eat more or the wrong things more often later.

Exercise efficiently. Smart exercise means doing the minimum amount required to get the results you seek. Like food, exercise can either aid your body and balance your metabolism, or stress your system and disrupt your physiology. The goal is to find the unique mix of exercise type, frequency and intensity that creates a tight, functional and balanced body.

Rest-based living. You can eat your way to obesity and dis-ease or you can stress yourself there. Sleep and stress have zero calories yet they drastically impact what we choose to eat, how much we eat and whether we are motivated for exercise or not. You might think it is all about diet and exercise, but lifestyle inputs matter more than you can possibly imagine.

Fat loss happens anywhere. You don’t have to eat organic kale and wild salmon from Whole Foods to be healthy fit and lean. All you need to do is learn shared rules of human metabolism and combine that with a knowledge of your own metabolic expression, psychology and personal preferences. Health, fitness and fat loss is about shades of gray, not black and white.