My first week at Fit For Moore by Sam Parren

In the upcoming months I will be writing a regular blog, within this I will be discussing the correct techniques on exercises, injuries and illnesses and looking more into the biomechanic of the human body.
As my first article I felt it would be nice for you to get to know me as a trainer and a human being!
Having dropped 4 dress sizes in my life, exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle have become a way of life for me. I feel that having been overweight and not in the best place I can share empathy with clients that may be struggling to achieve their goals. Always remember if you want something enough you will achieve it. I also found that being overweight with little muscle tone and was constantly suffering with lower back pain. Once I lost the weight and strengthened up my core I could stop my fortnightly sessions to an osteopath.
My various fitness qualifications have enabled me to work with people looking to lose weight, run an ultramarathon, aid medical conditions and rehabilitating injuries to name a few.
Qualifications obtained:
• Personal Training and Fitness Instructor
• Exercise Referral – enabling me to work alongside medical professionals to enable you to exercise
• Running assessment technique – if you find you’re prone to injuries or want to start running I can help
• Armageddon Instructor – Variable intensity interval training, using body weight only
• Clinical weight loss practitioner
You will often find me strength training 2 – 3 days a week, as recommended and cardio whether it’s running (I have run up to half marathons), cycling (road and on spin bikes) or rowing. I love the feeling you get from a good workout session. I also am a huge fan of walking whenever I can, it’s low impact, a good fat burner and gives you head space.
The biggest sporting passion is horses, I have ridden and owned horses for over 25 years competing within dressage, showjumping and low level eventing.
I decided to join Lisa at Fit For Moore as I felt we had similar views on how to treat our clients and were also working towards similar goals. My plan is to in time build up the number of group sessions and 1 – 1 sessions from part time to a full time role. I would love to be able to bring in my experiences to help more people achieve their goals and maintain the. I would like to obtain further qualifications to enable me to grow as a trainer and also look into more functional fitness for clients and also postural assessments, back care and helping more overweight people.