Exercise and Brain Health







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<h2><strong>Aerobic Exercise and Brain Optimization:</strong></h2>
Aerobic training also has plenty of evidence showing that it attenuates brain atrophy and cognitive decline, with positive effects observed for motor function, cognitive speed, delayed memory functions and auditory and visual attention.  As cardiorespiratory fitness improves, so does brain function.

Twelve weeks of aerobic exercise, performed 3 times a week, for 30 minutes on a treadmill, appears to show significant benefit in people with traumatic brain injury.   The cognitive benefits were strongly correlated with improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness.

In this study a training regimen of cycling improved gait and executive functions in people with Parkinson’s disease.  Recumbent bicycles were used to train participants. Duration of the exercise program started at 20 min with 60% of intensity per session, and was then increased by steps of 5 min and 5% intensity every week until participants reached 40 min of training at 80% intensity. Bike speed was maintained at 60 revolutions per minute. The program lasted 12 weeks, with three training sessions per week.

Another study, in the elderly at risk with Alzheimers disease, done with walking as the main form of exercise, showed a 1,800% increase in memory, language ability, attention, and other cognitive parameters as compared to the non-exercisers.  The exercise group only spent about 2.5 hours/week exercising.

Exercise is an effective and smart strategy for brain related diseases, especially for age-related diseases that cause cognitive decline.  It is also a wonderful tool for promoting learning ability and capacity.    Almost all forms of cardiovascular exercise, as well as different types of resistance training, have shown brain benefits.

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