Eat, Nourish, Glow – my view.

Having spent the last few days reading Amelia Freer’s book ‘ Eat, Nourish , Glow I wanted to share with you some of my take aways from the book and the principles that we at Fit For Moore like to encourage our clients to live by.

1. Be Consistent, Not Perfect

Everyone has an off day or finds themselves in a situation where the nutrition choice is not perfect. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day, don’t take the attitude that there’s no point being good tomorrow because I’ve ruined it today. Jump back on that healthy eating train and carry on.

2. Detox your Kitchen

Get rid off the food you want to stop eating. Don’t save it because it’s a waste. I HATE wasting food and try really hard to use up all the food that I buy but if you still keep those chocolate biscuits as it’s a whole packet and such a waste to throw away you know that when the gremlins come calling the biccies will jump out!

3. Stop Snacking

Start to learn about your body, just because someone told you that it’s good to eat 3 meals a day and have 2 snacks in between does not mean you have to. Eat when you are hungry, eat slowly and if in doubt have a drink of water first and wait 10 minutes. If you’re tummy is rumbling then it’s ok to snack.

4. Find what works for you ( one size does not fit all).

Throughout the book Amelia talks about finding what works for you , listening to your gut as she puts it. Try cutting foods out but don’t cut EVERYTHING out as you’ll have a horrible time and won’t stick to it. If you find cutting out dairy doesn’t make any difference to how your body feels then start eating it again. However if you find cutting out dairy means you feel more energetic, less bloated and have a clearer head then maybe it’s something you should avoid?



Sugar is a big problem in today’s society and I am sad to admit that I find it very difficult to avoid myself. I love a biscuit or cake but I try hard to avoid overly processed foods, I don’t eat bread or pasta and if I do I enjoy them for a few mouthfuls and then feel horrible. Trying to eat natural, organic, simple food has got to be better for us than all these highly processed foods with chemicals and all sorts added?


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