Do you have problems in making a decision?

It’s really easy to put off making a decision.

It’s easy to say, I’ll just think about it or maybe I’ll just wait until I’ve talked it through with my best friend, my mum, my husband or maybe a colleague.

Trouble is these people are not you and they will have their own agenda, their own opinion and will probably not be affected by the outcome!

The only person that you can really rely on to make a good decision is yourself but it’s not always easy is it?

But often we don’t trust our own unique ability to make the right decision.

Our GUT instinct.

You know that feeling that you actually physically get in your stomach that tells you if something is right or something is wrong?

If the decision you need to make is a hard one and you know that it means giving something up or even taking something else on then it will be surrounded by fear.

It’s the fear that get’s in our way. Its the fear that we feel – biologically, physically and emotionally. ( Ever heard of Fight or Flight? Well that’ll be fear right there!)

We may make all sorts of excuses, such as I’m not sure that I’ll have the time to study for that degree or what will my friends think of me if I start my own business and leave the safety of my (what looks like on the outside) a fantastic job.

It’s fear of the unknown or fear of failure.

But you know what?

The unknown is often the greatest adventure and failure?

Failure is the biggest lesson in life!

So what decision do you need to make today and what does your GUT tell you to do?

My gut told me that I needed to stop playing small, stop doubting myself and to share all the things that I have learned over these past few years. That is why I am bringing back Midlife Mayhem and have now booked Ashdown Park Hotel for the end of November for this great event.

My fear level is pretty high right now. I know I have a LOT to do not only to advertise this event but also to put it all together, but hey, whatever happens, I’ll have a great adventure and will no doubt learn many lessons!!

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