Do You Ever Stop?


Ever had one of those days where you have literally not stopped?

You go straight from one thing to another…you get up, get dressed and then it’s non stop until sometime in the evening when you collapse and probably do one of 3 things:

  • Fall asleep in front of the TV
  • Reach for the Wine
  • Stuff yourself with rubbish food

I’ve just done a Live in my group because this was what was happening for me today until I stopped it.

I got up, went to the studio, taught, left and went to a networking meeting, chatted to lots of people, filled my car up with petrol, walked through the front door, emptied the kitchen bin, swept the floor, pumped up the cushions and then I suddenly realised….

I hadn’t even taken my coat off or even been for the wee that I so desperately needed!

It was only when I did sit down (!) that I noticed my heart was racing and my head was buzzing with the huge list of things I still had to do. I felt very uncomfortable and stressed.

It’s so easy to get distracted by all the ‘stuff’ that needs to get done but let me assure you that you do not need to do it at 100mph and you do not have to do it all straight away. ( If at all )

Once I recognised where I was and how I was feeling  I put on the brakes and said


Imagine stepping up to a road crossing and having to stop as you press the button.  You can’t cross until the little green man flashes and then you can go again.  Those few seconds give you time to stop….release….reset.

Take the time to finish/stop a task and take a breath BEFORE starting on the next task.

You will have much more clarity and be more efficient and productive in the long run.  

You won’t start in a rush or a muddle and it gives you time to ask.  Is this next thing really important right now or is there something better for me to do?

Getting to the end of your ‘To Do’ List feeling frazzled, exhausted and stressed might make you think you’ve achieved your goal, but if it leads to burn out and poor health is it really worth it?

So, my advice for you?

STOP…..RELEASE….RESET:  Press the button on the crossing and WAIT for the green man to flash before you take the next step

And perhaps just check-in to see if you do really need to cross that road after all??

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