Do you Eat Seasonally? written by Jo Leesmith, Fitness Expert at Fit For Moore

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Seasonal nutrition

Do you eat healthily but get bored with the same thing?  I know I do!
One solution is to eat fruit and veg that is in season.  If you’re not that clear on this subject then the best thing to do is go to your local greengrocer, as they will have bought seasonal from the markets.  It’s not so easy in the supermarket as you can pretty much get any type of veg/fruit all year round but much of it will be imported and not seasonal English.
Benefits of eating seasonal, well the food is fresher and will therefore taste better and be very nutritious. Also if you eat with the seasons you will get a natural mix of your veg intake rather than just the same familiar veg. Seasonal will also be cheaper because it’s what there is lots of at that time, so it’s far better value not to mention the benefits of eating British or maybe local foods.

So what’s in season right now?
Veg: Cauliflowers
Purple sprouting
Spring onions

Fruit: Rhubarb

Have a look at some of these meal ideas making use of seasonal fruit and veg, enjoy!

Beef bolognese on shredded cabbage, simple make the bolognese as normal but serve on top a pile of shredded cabbage instead of spaghetti.  If you have fussy kids it’s not a big deal to cook spaghetti for them.

Stir fry, take shredded cabbage, leeks, spring onions and purple sprouting and stir fry in coconut oil, add some natural cashew nuts if you like and serve with your choice of meat, steak, chicken or fish.

Shepherds Pie, make as normal but instead of mashed potato on the top mix mashed swede and sweet potato!

Rhubarb Crumble, stew your rhubarb in a natural sweetener such as Stevia.  For the topping make a normal crumble mix but half the recipe and then add a generous handful of oats and finely chopped almonds, cook as normal and then serve with natural yogurt.

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