What is Correct Form?

What is correct form?

When you take part in any training session with Fit For Moore we always talk about having correct form, so what is this?



Before you start any exercise check out your posture, common faults we see are:

  • Shoulders are rounded
  • Bottom is either stuck out of tucked to far under – both putting strain on the lower back
  • Shoulders are tense and up
  • Belly is bulging with no tension
  • Head is not looking forward

So what should the correct form look like?

Your shoulders should be be back and down with plenty of space between your shoulder and ears!

Chest up with your ribs low – sometimes when you lift your chest up you then arch your lower back and lift up the rib cage so check your posture in the mirror both from side and back to check for this.

Looking forward – not down / up or with your head cocked to one side.

No obvious tension within the body

Pelvis is in neutral alignment ie neither tilted forward or back

Head, hips and ankles are in the same position

Belly is slightly held in

How to correct form

To prevent shoulders rounding and tense, think chest up and of bringing your shoulders back and then down (think of fitting them into your back pockets)
Pelvis in neutral alignment, this can be done standing or on your back (tilt your pelvis forward, then backwards, then meet half way)
Keeping the core strong ie belly pulled into spine (think about wearing a belt, really tightening it up and then letting it out a couple of holes). You should feel some slight firmness In the tone.
If your head is tilted forward or back this puts pressure on your neck, leading to tension. Remember to always look ahead, not down at what you are doing. That’s why we have mirrors in the studio, to check your form!
You can bring these into everyday life. When you’re sitting at your desk think about bringing those shoulders back. If you’re exercising keep the belly in slightly and pelvis in neutral alignment. Always look ahead, not only does it improve your posture you will appear more confident.

Think how you’re sitting or standing right now…YES RIGHT NOW and correct it if it’s wrong.