Competition – WIN a free space at our new class

We need your help!  We are planning on starting some new classes in February at the Fit For Moore studio in Haywards Heath and are struggling to come up with a name so we thought we’d ask your advice.


In return for coming up with a name we are offering a FREE place to the winner on the first 6 week trial.  Just email your ideas to and we’ll choose a winner on Friday 7th February so do get your entries in quickly.


The class will be 45 minutes and is focused on active ladies over 60 ( sorry gents, we promise to do something for you soon! ).


We will break the class into sections , the aim to improve all of the following:


Flexibility – to improve any aches and pains in lower back and hips

Balance – this deteriorates as we get older so it’s important to prevent falls and slips

Toning – all ladies want to have nice toned arms, tums, bums and legs!

Core Strength – Pelvic floor strength

Cardio – to keep your heart and lungs in tip top condition


It will be run with fun unbeat music and be an interactive session with up to 9 participants.  We will use resistance bands, dumb-bells and mats and all the equipment will be provided.  We will carry out a 30 minute consultation with each lady before starting the program allowing us to discuss any curent health issues and to teach the correct form for the basic exercises.


It would also be helpful to get some feedback on times to run the classes, we were thinking Thursday afternoons 2pm and maybe some morning session 10pm. over 60's