Christmas Tips from Jo!

So last week I attended an Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss Course, very interesting indeed and I will be sharing lots with you in the coming months, but first let’s talk Christmas!

Ok so we’re well into the trickiest season of all if your trying to exercise and clean up you eating!!!!
The best advice is to allow yourself some extras but NOT to go off the rail with that “what the heck, I’ll worry about it after Christmas” attitude.

So here are a couple of ideas that I hope will help you to stay focused on YOUR goals whilst still enjoying yourself.

Alcohol – well unless your T total we will all have a little to drink over the festive season ( even us trainers! ) but think about what you drink, your clear spirits mixed with soda water are better than beers and wine but still try to alternate with a glass of water. Try sparkling water as the bubbles will look more enticing! Not only will this fit better with your eating goals but your head won’t hurt so much in the morning!
Do your best to steer clear of cocktails and cream based drinks too, these are loaded with sugars and of course cream.

If you’re having nibbles avoid too much pastry, instead go for the carrot & celery sticks and if it’s an option things like prawns or smoked salmon. Pile your plate up with salad, but go steady on things mixed with dressings.
Another good idea is to satisfy your appetite before you go out, if you turn up hungry then you will eat way more than you intend to and if you are having some alcohol this will make you want to eat salty and fatty foods. (Obviously you can’t do this if it’s a full meal you’re expecting as that may seem a little rude to your hosts)

If you are out a lot then try and keep your meals at home as simply as you can with fresh clean food that’s not to rich.

See the below for a simple Poached Salmon with Asparagus and New Potatoes, then a piece of fruit such as seasonal clementines.

Poached Salmon and Asparagus


4 Salmon Fillets
1 Bunch Asparagus
Charlotte Potatoes ( 2-3 per person )

Fill a small pan with water and add a few peppercorns and a slice of lemon, heat to a slow boil and then add the Salmon and poach until cooked.

meanwhile blanch the Asparagus in boiling water and then add to a hot griddle pan with a splash of olive or cocunut oil.

Boil the potatoes until soft and serve


Finally if you do have a real blow out, don’t get all down about what you ate yesterday and decide it’s not worth worrying about at this time, instead get out for a brisk walk, drink plenty of water and carry on with sensible eating.

Merry Christmas everyone. Jo