Change Your Mindset

Can you name the ONE thing that can change your health forever ?

One of the things ( there are many ) that I have noticed in my years of being a Personal Trainer and Fitness expert is that those clients of mine that get achieve their goals have this one thing.

It’s a positive MINDSET; simple. They decide to change their life and they decide to change their outlook and embrace the impossible.

Think about it, do you believe that Elite athletes never have a morning where they wake up and think ’ I just want to go back to sleep’ ? You bet they do, they want to lie in, have a big bar of chocolate, go out and have a few drinks with their friends BUT they don’t, they have committed to their dream, their goals and their future and they have the right MINDSET.

It’s not that hard, we make decisions every day about things we do and don’t want to do so why is it so hard for us to change when it comes to weight, health and fitness?

There are only 3 steps you need to take:

Step 1:  Decide
Step 2:  Set your goal
Step 3:  DO IT!   Take that step….no matter how small but just get on with it.

I’ve had some really inspirational clients this year, who have made some incredible changes to their lives. They took those steps, they stopped making excuses and they embraced it. The journey wasn’t always easy, there was quite a bit of sweat and a discomfort but look at them now and think WOW that’s amazing. Here’s just one example:

Jo when I met her was a stressed out mum of 2 running her own business and she hated how she felt, she was overweight and fed up. Just 2 weeks ago Jo took part in her first Triathlon (Crowborough, East Sussex which has one of the toughest bike routes in the South of England.) The most impressive part was she actually did this Triathlon a week early as the one she was supposed to do was changed as the swimming pool had a leak. Instead of saying ‘oh well, never mind I’ll just do it another time, she Googled local Triathlons and entered another one.

I remember taking her on her first ever run just a few months before  (I have never had such a tirade of abuse in my life when I told her we were going out for a run – I know she won’t mind me saying so!)  BUT despite the abuse she ran a whole mile and cried at the end due to the sense of achievement.

She had the right MINDSET and she still does so what’s stopping you?

Get out of your comfort zone and go to the place where the magic happens….