Celebrating Our Client of The Month July 2014

Congratulations to Lesley Turner who is our FIRST ever ‘ Client of the Month’.

Lesley has been training with us at our Haywards Heath studio for over 6 months and in that time has really improved her fitness, strength and flexibility and her recent results from our 21 Day Metabolic Kickstart were great.

She lost 6lbs,reduced her BMI by 2.4 and Body Fat by 4.7.% along with a total inch loss of 14 Inches!!

But we don’t just want to celebrate the results ( although they are amazing ) what Lesley has done is COMMIT to the program and is CONSISTENT in her attendance. If she can’t make her normal class then she does her best to come at another time.

We’re really proud of her achievements and hope that she will enjoy her sports massage and wear her new T-Shirt with pride.